List of Medical Marijuana Friendly Doctors in Illinois

ILSB2228As many of you are aware, one of the biggest problems with the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program is finding a doctor who is willing to certify that prospective patients have one of the qualifying medical conditions required to enter the program. Without a doubt, the #1 question asked by those wanting to apply is

Can You Recommend A Doctor Who Is Willing to Certify Me For the Program?

There are many more doctors in and around Chicago who are willing to certify than in the rest of the state. Southern Illinois health systems have been directed NOT to allow their doctors to certify patients. I am compiling a list of cannabis friendly doctors throughout the state. Please note that I am not recommending any one doctor over another. These are recommendations made entirely by current Illinois patients.

Dr. Rahul Khare Chicago, IL
Dr. Ramon Pla Jr, Star Flower Clinic & Wellness Fulton, IL
Dr. Terry Love Ottawa, IL
Dr. Jason Jerabek, DO Charleston, IL and soon to be Urbana, IL
Roya Family Medical Center Melrose Park, IL
Dr. Gerald Cerniak Advanced Healthcare Associates Wheaton, IL
Dr. David Footerman Rockford, IL
1Body1Life Regenerative Therapy Chicago and Naperville, IL
Dr. Mark R Frahm, DC Naperville, IL
Dr. Glen Feather Peoria, IL
Dr. Thomas Santoro Peoria, IL
Dr. Douglas Brown Carterville, IL
Dr. Michael Rezak, Neurologist Highland Park and Winfield, IL
Dr. Michael Rivera Rochelle, IL
Dr. Leslie Mendoza Temple Glenview IL For those of you unfamiliar with Dr. Temple, she was on the Illinois Medical Cannabis Advisory Board until it was disbanded by Governor Rauner. I have no idea if she is seeing new patients. If she is, it may take months to get an appointment with her.
PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CALL AND ASK IF THESE DOCTORS WILL CERTIFY YOU FOR THE IL MCPP before making an appointment. Make sure they are taking new patients.

MMJAgain, these are recommendations by current Illinois patients. Please feel free to leave the names and contact information of doctors not on this list in the comment section. Also, if you know that one of these doctors is no longer seeing new patients or certifying, please leave a comment below. You will be helping your fellow patients!

Please do me a favor. If you see any errors on this list where a doctor is no longer seeing new patients, no longer willing to verify for the program or incorrect contact information, please leave a comment below!!!! Also, please feel free to add additional doctors and their contact information! Thanks so much!

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