176 reasons why Donald Trump must be stopped

Donald John Trump

Donald John Trump

I am not much of a reality TV watcher. I did just watch Master Chef. I have never seen any of “The Housewives” franchises, never watched Survivor and I never, ever saw “The Apprentice.” Donald Trump was familiar to me; it is hard to avoid him. I knew about his “You’re Fired” shtick on “The Apprentice” and I have a client in the building opposite Trump Tower in downtown Chicago.

I always found him irritating, loud and full of himself. When he ran as a Republican presidential candidate in 2012, he was viewed as a joke and didn’t get very far. Ah….how things have changed in 4 short years. I paid attention to the circus that surrounded the race for the GOP presidential nominee. Like everyone else in the country, it was funny, sad and pathetic. But, then things started getting really bizarre as Trump started winning in the primaries. His “technique” for winning was to lie, bully, berate and belittle all his opponents with crass nicknames. It worked. The media loved it and their ratings went through the roof. Trump got more free media coverage than any other human being on the planet. Believe me.

By this time, it is March, 2016, and Trump is supposed to come to Chicago for a rally. It was canceled by him and it looked like he orchestrated the entire thing. There were altercations between protesters and supporters. It was ugly. He lied about what the Chicago police said and what they promised to do. I thought that rational Americans would see through his histrionics. He was running his campaign like a reality TV show. Why wouldn’t he? He has experience at that. As an elected legislator, not so much, in fact not at all.

Now, people weren’t laughing any more, but the media was a whore for the ratings and the profits it generated, so they just kept giving him all that free media attention. They created the monster, Donald J. Trump, GOP Presidential Nominee. I was hoping that the GOP would have the balls to take him down and remove him. Nope. I was hoping that there would be a contested Republican National Convention and that somehow the insanity would end and a less deranged candidate would emerge. Nope. The convention was a disaster. His poll numbers didn’t plummet as much as expected, they sort of stagnated.

Then we had the Democratic National Convention which started out very rocky, but ended on a high note. HRC got a big bounce off the “love Trumps hate” message and the amazing speeches by Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Joe Biden. Then the Khans spoke and unless you lived under a rock, we all know what happened next. His poll numbers tanked while HRC’s soared. There was talk of a Clinton landslide.

But, this is not just any election. This is the most bizarre election the US has ever experience because we have Donald Trump in it. Like a phoenix who keeps rising from the ashes, just when it looks like he will crash and burn, he manages to emerge, triumphant. That’s where we are at the moment, with 54 days until election day. According to the poll numbers, he and HRC are neck and neck. This orange, racist, misogynist, narcissistic, xenophobic braggadocio with the vocabulary of a 5th grader and the attention span of a piece of lettuce who asked why he can’t use nuclear weapons might actually fucking win.

I have decided that I will not allow that to happen without a fight. And so, since his nomination in July, I have made it my mission to expose all of the lies, deceits, crimes, cover-ups, dealings with foreign governments, etc, etc, that is second nature to Donald J. Trump after a lifetime of looking out only for himself and his family.

I stumbled upon the most brilliant video yesterday. Keith Olbermann dropped his video of “176 Reasons Why Trump Should Not Be President.” It is an 18 minute record of all the absurd things Trump has done and said in the past 15 months. I have decided that I will share this on my Facebook pages every single day until November 8. It is the definitive, mind blogging, mind numbing account of why we cannot let Trump win.

So, without further ado, take it away, Keith!

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