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USA is now the #1 most openly racist country on the planet

We’re #1, We’re #1! Congratulations, America! Donald John Trump just gave millions and millions of Americans the A-ok to be openly racist, bigoted, misogynistic and xenophobic. All those people who have been lurking in the shadows for decades, hiding their racism and bigotry because they were embarrassed, have been unleashed onto the rest of us.... Read more »

Donald Trump is playing the media like a well oiled violin

Donald J. Trump is all about winning. He has been telling people that for decades. I can only conclude that is his sole purpose for his presidential aspirations. He also knows how to play the media for his own gain. He has been doing it for decades. But, he has really upped his game in... Read more »

176 reasons why Donald Trump must be stopped

I am not much of a reality TV watcher. I did just watch Master Chef. I have never seen any of “The Housewives” franchises, never watched Survivor and I never, ever saw “The Apprentice.” Donald Trump was familiar to me; it is hard to avoid him. I knew about his “You’re Fired” shtick on “The... Read more »

Alabama mom on a mission to legalize medical marijuana

I thought I was passionate about medical cannabis until I met Michelle Benton. She is an Alabama native, single Mom, former physician’s assistant, and now, full time advocate for medical cannabis usage. I discovered Michelle via her Facebook page, Maven for Legalization, and I knew I needed to talk to her about her advocacy. I... Read more »