Illinois medical marijuana community is a microcosm of a unified America

Illinois medical marijuana community is a microcosm of a unified America
For the greater good

If you spend any time on social media at the moment, it only takes a few minutes to realize how divided our country is, to the point where I fear for what might happen. I have heard of more than one extended family where there are both Trump supporters and Clinton supporters which must make family gatherings downright dangerous…emotions are so volatile. In fact, there was a case of a Trump supporter husband who assaulted his Clinton supporter wife after an argument about the election. The police had to intervene.

There are so many different political factions, all trying to persuade the others to vote for their candidate. We have the ardent Trump folks, the ardent Clinton folks, the Bernie Sanders supporters who are willingly supporting Clinton, the Bernie Sanders supporters begrudgingly supporting Clinton, the Green Party folks, the Libertarian Party folks, the Constitution Party folks and the Bernie or Bust folks who say NeverHillary who are voting for the Green Party or the Libertarian Party. There are Dems voting for Trump and Republicans voting for Hillary. And finally, we have those folks who refuse to vote at all, in protest. We are “through the looking-glass,” here, people!

I got involved in a thread the other day on FB where I ended up having an altercation with a complete stranger who is clearly a Republican. I am a bleeding heart liberal and voted for Bernie but am in the StopTrump at all costs camp, so will be voting for Clinton.

It started over a post that a mutual FB friend posted called The real reason the US government isn’t working. It blamed our elected Congressional officials and gerrymandering for gridlock and failure to pass legislation, to the detriment of our country. Voter apathy for mid-term elections and feelings of local loyalty and exceptionalism were given as reasons that Congresspeople retain their seats term after term. Also, many incumbents run unopposed; were you even aware of this????

I responded that “those bashing Obama should stop blaming him when the Republican controlled Congress has created complete gridlock.” We have clearly seen, time and time again, in the past two years, that it doesn’t matter if the Republicans supported legislation last week…if Obama supports that very same legislation today, they block it, out of spite. According to this person, the Republicans “gave Obama almost everything he wanted which is why we ended up with Trump and which was why [the original Orange Man, John] Boehner got the boot.” That Orange Man snide remark is mine, not his, BTW.

Check out this amusing Checks and Balances Rap

How the hell did we get where we are? This is not some stupid sophomoric game we are playing where the Republicans are at constant odds with Democrats so that nothing gets accomplished. The job of our Congress is to enact legislation that will further the good of the country, or did I miss a history lesson somewhere along the line? I am pretty certain that the idea of “checks and balances” that was created by our forefathers when they wrote the Constitution was not for the purposes of causing legislative gridlock. Republican congresspeople….do your fucking job and appoint a new Supreme Court justice. Yeah…the sitting POTUS gets to appoint them, even if it is the last year of his term. Get over it!

While I was having this conversation, I was simultaneously involved in all the excitement going on within the Illinois medical cannabis community. New laws have been passed and more patients are enrolling in the program. Application restrictions are relaxing and prices are coming down…at least in some areas. There was a crazy, excited thread about understanding the ramifications of this new law that affected the upcoming renewal process for current patients and for new patients. After countless tries to get PTSD passed as a qualifying condition, it has finally been approved. There is so much to be thankful for. Here is the link to the actual bill, IL SB 10.

Illinois Medical Cannabis Community is a great resource

Illinois Medical Cannabis Community is a great resource

I became a cannabis activist more than a year ago and now count my cannafamily as some of my dearest friends. These are people from all walks of life with all different political leanings. But, here’s the thing. We all have the same goal…for the greater good….to help one another to get safe access to high quality, affordable medical cannabis, thereby greatly improving each other’s quality of life. In some cases, saving lives. And ya know, it doesn’t matter whether people are Trump supporters or Hillary supporters, Green Party or Libertarian Party supporters. We never talk politics because we have one unifying goal. All for the greater good.

I wish the rest of the country could take a page out of our book and witness what it feels like to care for each other, unconditionally, and follow suit…for the greater good. For those who merely give lip service to loving this country, your current actions, sadly, speak louder than words. We need to find a way to live together, peacefully. And if you have read any of my past posts, you know that my go-to position is always, let’s all hold hands and sing Kumbaya and try and get along. K?

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