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Did you know that commercial hemp production is still federally illegal in the US?

While cannabis will always be my first love, my current new obsession is hemp, as I realize more and more what an amazing plant it is. There are so many reasons to be growing hemp, commercially, in the US, and in every country, actually. Here’s the link to my first hemp post which mainly talks... Read more »

Medical marijuana opened up many doors for Illinois man with epilepsy

Four months ago I wrote a post about David Kurfman, friend, Illinois medical cannabis patient, medical cannabis advocate and now an employee in the Illinois medical cannabis industry. It has been such an interesting journey for David. His family and friends bought into the propaganda that marijuana use was evil and was a gateway drug... Read more »

Making the case for hemp...marijuana's kissing cousin

Today, I am going to take a teensy, weensy little detour away from my usual topic of cannabis and talk about its kissing cousin, hemp. If that racist asswipe, Harry J. Anslinger, hadn’t made it illegal in 1937, along with marijuana, we would be living in a very different world. So, fuck you, Harry J.... Read more »

Illinois medical marijuana community is a microcosm of a unified America

Illinois medical marijuana community is a microcosm of a unified America
If you spend any time on social media at the moment, it only takes a few minutes to realize how divided our country is, to the point where I fear for what might happen. I have heard of more than one extended family where there are both Trump supporters and Clinton supporters which must make... Read more »

Recent medical marijuana news round-up with video of 51-foot inflatable joint

He ha! I haven’t done what I call a “medical cannabis round-up” in a long while. That is what I refer to as exciting recent cannabis news items that I just have to share with you, dear readers. Those of you involved in Illinois’ medical cannabis program know how difficult it has been to get... Read more »