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Illinois dad manages his epilepsy with medical marijuana

One of the coolest and most surprising things that I have encountered as a cannabis activist is the fact that there is so much diversity within the medical cannabis community; people that I would probably never have met, otherwise. What I mean by that is that I have met people of all ages including veterans,... Read more »

Seniors are the fastest growing group of medical marijuana users

Medical cannabis is gaining more and more traction as an acceptable form of medicine. It controls the symptoms of many different illnesses and it provides pain relief. There is evidence that it cures cancer without killing the patients’ healthy cells, unlike chemo and radiation which often kill the patient before the cancer does. It has... Read more »

Heavy social media usage is bad for your health

Those of you who know me and have been following my journey as a cannabis activist are probably aware that I share articles about cannabis usage, cannabis research, and the positive effects of cannabis, like crazy on both my personal and blog Facebook pages. That’s pretty much how I roll…I have a tendency to embrace... Read more »