A medical marijuana miracle for one happy dog

Now that so many people know of my involvement in the legalize cannabis movement, many ask me why I got involved. I am not a patient in Illinois because I do not qualify for any of the 39 conditions that would allow me access to the program. I am in pretty good health for an “old broad” although I am plenty achy when I get up in the morning or when I walk up stairs, but I am not in constant pain. I could certainly benefit from being a cannabis patient as I know full well that it controls pain and helps with my anxiety. The reason I got so involved is that I believe every person in the US who wants access to medical cannabis, including growing plants in their backyard, should have it. It is a civil right.

When I started my medical cannabis blog posts last May, I knew next to nothing about the science of cannabis and why it works. Then, I became friends with other activists who shared articles about the science and I started reading and reading and I just couldn’t get enough. It is soooo interesting how it all works…the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)…which all humans and many animals have…and how cannabis is the key that maintains homeostasis in our bodies which translates into good health and absence of disease. Here is a link to the first post I wrote about the Endocannabinoid System. Come on, docs who claim not to understand how cannabis works. It is really pretty simple and totally fucking awesome. Here’s a link to my pets post which I wrote before I knew how well it would work!!!!

Canna Companion hemp oil for animals

Canna Companion hemp oil for animals

I was looking through my Facebook newsfeed the other week…like we all do…and I saw the following post from my friend and fellow blogger buddy, Tammy Falletti, who writes a wonderful blog called Ch-Town Mommy Mayhem. Check her out. Tammy has been a veterinarian technician for the past 20 years and like all people who work with animals, has dogs of her own.

“Seriously. Fuck cancer. I hate you. Bone cancer in dogs sucks. Sucks so much. It’s so not fair. They don’t even know they are sick. They just know pain. And they fight through it. Stoic. But we know. Know it’s almost the end. Fuck cancer.” Posted on February 4, 2016

I have had dogs and now cats for most of my life. There is nothing more heart breaking than watching your beloved animal suffer with pain, not to mention dealing with their loss when they do die. So, I left a comment on Tammy’s page, asking if she ever considered trying medical marijuana for her dog? She said she would definitely be willing to try it. I gave her the names and links to 3 companies that sell medical cannabis for pets and she immediately placed an order with Canna Companion. Time was of the essence, so kudos to her. I asked her to let me know how things went, hoping for a miracle. Hey, you never know.

Leah, the 7 year old Great Dane, running around

Leah, the 7 year old Great Dane, running around

Fast forward to today. I see her post on FB…
Bone cancer, shmone cancer! We ain’t got time for bone cancer! and there are 4 pictures of Leah RUNNING AROUND like a dog who got a new lease on life. I was so delighted to see this that I asked Tammy to call me to tell me about her experience.

7 year old Leah, a Great Dane, was diagnosed with bone cancer in November, 2015. By the time it showed up as a tumor on her right front leg, it was clear that the cancer had spread throughout her body. She would have lived an additional 2-3 months without amputation which Tammy wasn’t even considering. Leah wouldn’t put any weight on her leg and couldn’t negotiate the stairs. Tammy figured she had about 2 weeks left when I recommended medical cannabis.

Leah, playing with her canine sibling

Leah, playing with her canine sibling

It took a week for the capsules to arrive and Tammy was worried that Leah wouldn’t make it that long, but she did. She only ordered 30 capsules, initially, because she didn’t know if they would work. Tammy gave Leah 1 capsule of hemp oil twice a day and BY DAY 2, she started to see an improvement. That, in conjunction with the anti-inflammatory drugs Leah was taking, seemed to make all the difference. She has been on the hemp oil for 10 days and she is running around, running up the stairs and she has much less of a limp. Tammy was so happily surprised that she shared her experience with her co-workers who were incredulous, to say the least. She has ordered another 175 capsules and I will keep you all posted on Leah’s progress!!! Perhaps the doctors at her vet clinic will consider recommending medical cannabis for their patients.

Please note that there is no guarantee that your pet will experience such a dramatic improvement in such a short amount of time.

If you have an animal companion that is in pain and suffering, please check out Canna Companions website which I linked to in my post.

I would love to hear your comments. Would you try cannabis hemp oil for your pet?

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