Even the US National Cancer Institute admits that cannabis kills cancer cells

The US National Cancer Institute has quietly admitted that cannabis kills cancer cells without damaging normal cells. Do I need to repeat this? To me, this is a really.big.fucking deal. Not chemotherapy, not radiation…but cannabis, the plant that has been demonized for the past 80 years as the “gateway drug” to hard drug use and which still remains, to this day, as a Schedule 1 drug with NO MEDICINAL VALUE on the Controlled Substance Act of 1970. Wanna read what the National Cancer Institute has to say?

My funny, childhood friend, Lorri Kovitz, who never lost her sense of humor. She died from osteoblastoma in Oct. 2015. RIP

My funny, childhood friend, Lorri Kovitz, who never lost her sense of humor. She died from osteoblastoma in Oct. 2015. RIP

In the past 3 months, I have lost 5 people to cancer; one was a childhood friend, Lorri Kovitz, 2 were fellow bloggers, Donna Your Tan May Be KILLING You Moncivaiz and Jan Take Back Your Career Marino and 2 were celebrities, David Bowie and Alan Rickman. When I say I lost them, although I only actually knew one of them, I felt connected to the other 4. The age ranges at their passing was 53 to 69. This is very young, in my book, since I am approaching the age of 62. It’s amazing how your perception of “young” changes the older you get. With people living well into their 90s, 53 sounds like a youngster!

When I see all these cancer deaths, the first thing that springs to mind is “what the hell are we doing wrong that so many young people are dying of cancer?” Perhaps it has something to do with our lifestyle, especially here in the good ole US of A. We spend more time working than citizens of any other 1st world country and take shorter vacations, if we take them at all. We get the shortest amount of maternity leave and if you are one of the “sandwich generation,” you are raising children while caring for sick and aged parents with little or no help. That is a helluva lot of stress. This just in…stress makes you sick….very, very sick.

On top of all that stress with little time to prepare healthy meals, Americans eat take-out food, purchased via the drive through, consumed in their cars. Eating large amounts of meat, sugar, processed foods and soda which results in obesity not only in adults, but children, must surely account for a lot of cancers. Add our sedentary lifestyle and Bingo…we get sick. And then there are all the chemicals that we ingest and inhale. I have never understood TruGreen Chemlawn, especially when you have a patch of grass the size of a postage stamp. We are the only house on our block which is fertilizer free, full of clover in the summer, covered by dead leaves in the autumn and frequented by birds, happily eating worms.

So, you get cancer and what is your treatment option in most of the 1st world? Bombarding your entire body with poisonous chemotherapy and radiation which not only kills the cancer cells, but it more often than not kills the healthy ones, too. Often, chemo/radiation kills the patient before the cancer does. And yet, this remains the so-called “cancer treatment protocol.”

Those of you who know me and read my blog know that I have become a tireless, passionate advocate for the federal legalization of cannabis. As far as I am concerned, all cannabis use is medicinal. When I started this journey, 9 months ago, I really didn’t know much about the science of it, either. But, I read and read and discovered that cannabis has the ability to make cancer cells commit suicide without harming healthy cells. Not only that, but this information has been known for decades and has been withheld from my fellow citizens due to greed on the part of big Pharma.

A few months ago, I shared several posts on Facebook about cannabis curing cancer and 2 people whom I thought were friends attacked me personally, telling me that I was an idiot to believe such nonsense. This affected me very deeply; so much so that I stopped sharing these articles for a while because, honestly, I could do without the aggravation. I thought twice about posting any comments I made on Facebook about cannabis and cancer because I just couldn’t deal with the potential vitriolic, personal attacks on my integrity.

But, lately, an interesting thing has started to happen. I seem to have quite a following in the cannabis world and seem to be perceived as an “expert.” Friends, friends of friends and relatives of friends have started to contact me, asking about cannabis use; some with cancer, others with epilepsy, still others with severe gastric distress. All of these people have tried conventional medicine which failed them, terribly. To more and more “normal” people, using medicinal cannabis to treat and cure their illnesses is looking like a pretty smart idea.

RIP David Bowie. Yet another cancer death that may have been avoided.

RIP David Bowie. Yet another cancer death that may have been avoided.

When I heard that David Bowie died, I wondered if his doctors had even considered cannabis oil as a treatment option for him. If so, he might still be walking among us, making beautiful music.

If you had cancer would you try cannabis as part of your treatment option?

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