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Deconstructing medical marijuana: what is CBD oil?

This weekend, Green Flower Media hosted an amazing online event; the 1st Virtual Cannabis Health Summit which streamed live from the comfort and warmth of my computer…and it was free. Over 20 of the world’s top doctors, scientist and leaders gave 22 minute Ted-style presentations about the science and information of cannabis use today for... Read more »

Even the US National Cancer Institute admits that cannabis kills cancer cells

The US National Cancer Institute has quietly admitted that cannabis kills cancer cells without damaging normal cells. Do I need to repeat this? To me, this is a really.big.fucking deal. Not chemotherapy, not radiation…but cannabis, the plant that has been demonized for the past 80 years as the “gateway drug” to hard drug use and... Read more »

Exercise is the best way to treat and prevent low-back pain

I LOVE NPR, as in National Public Radio. I have been a daily listener since the Gulf War began and I discovered that was where I got the best coverage. That was 25 years ago…can you believe it? Every radio in our house is tuned to WBEZ 91.5FM, as well as the one in my... Read more »

Illinois doctors: why do you prescribe opiates like candy but you refuse to recommend medical marijuana?

The question I get asked the most these days in my capacity as an “expert” on the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program (MCPP) is “do you know a doctor who is willing to recommend cannabis?” Sadly, my answer is “no” and now I find myself in a similar position where I need to find a... Read more »