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Such a proud momma...I NEVER imagined we would get here!

To those of you who know me, either personally or through my blog, you will know that my husband, Martin, and I struggled for years with our adopted son, E, who just turned 15. When I say “struggle,” that is one helluva understatement. Our beautiful house that we bought just 5 short years ago looks... Read more »

Michael Boticelli, new US drug czar, is still waging war on marijuana

Did you realize that the “War on Drugs” in this country has cost the American taxpayers a TRILLION dollars…that is trillion with a “t?” AND we won’t even mention how many shattered lives it has left in its wake; the millions of mostly black and hispanic men who were incarcerated for possession of small amounts... Read more »

Dr. Andrew Katelaris, the Australian "Pot Doctor"

For those of you familiar with the process of applying for a medical cannabis card, here in Illinois, you know that the biggest hurdle is finding a doctor willing to recommend. No prescribing here, heaven forbid…because, the doctors are fearful of losing their licenses or criminal reprisals or they are ignorant of its medicinal value... Read more »