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No, you don't have to smoke medical marijuana; 7 alternatives

I would venture to guess that the biggest misconception about medical marijuana is that you have to smoke it in order to consume it. As a result, people who would more than likely benefit from its use never entertain the idea of trying it. To all those people who fit into this category, I am... Read more »

In memoriam: Donna Moncivaiz

I never expected Donna Moncivaiz not to survive her melanoma cancer diagnosis. I never met her but she was a member of an exclusive club, ChicagoNow bloggers. Many of us have met each other in person, but many of us only know each other through our blogs and through our very private and secret Bloggers... Read more »

My medical marijuana news round-up

I honestly never thought that cannabis would be legalized in my lifetime. But, based on what’s happening world wide, that is looking more and more like a possibility…but it needs to hurry up because I am already in my early 60s, although perhaps its medicinal benefits will extend my life expectancy into my 90s and... Read more »

I'm Raising My Voice on Blog Action Day 2015

Blog Action Day 2015 is upon us. I participated for the first time last year and it was an amazing experience to know that I was linked virtually to thousands of talented bloggers from all over the world, writing about the same topic at roughly the same time. Hashtag KindredSpirits. This year’s topic is #RaiseYourVoice... Read more »

Widowers with one son need not apply

Facebook…enough is enough. I don’t know what is going on here, but I received yet another unwanted FB Message this morning from a widower with one son…I kid you not that every single one of them is a widower with one son…looking for love…on Facebook…from the other side of the world…with me…an overwhelmed, married woman... Read more »

The Illinois Women in Cannabis harvest party round-up

As many of you know, I have embraced cannabis activism with all my heart and soul. I have met many people through this blog who have shared their success stories; they have been able to wean themselves off harmful prescription meds and now use only cannabis to control their symptoms without adverse side effects. I... Read more »

10 reasons why mass shootings will continue to happen in the US

Why do these mass shootings continue to occur in this country week after week? Here is my list of reasons. Nothing will get better until there is a radical change in this country. 1. Too many guns. 2. Too many mentally ill people with access to guns. 3. Too many mental health programs being slashed... Read more »