Dear doctors who refuse to recommend medical marijuana: I have a bone to pick with you

Meet Jim Champion. He has MS and cannabis has given him his life back

Meet Jim Champion. He has MS and cannabis has given him his life back

Hey doctors, especially those in Illinois, I have a real bone to pick with you…because now it is personal. I now know 2 people with a debilitating condition who are REALLY suffering and would REALLY benefit from medical marijuana to help relieve their symptoms and improve the quality of their lives, but their docs refuse to recommend it. I mean, what is the deal with this, anyway?

Social media is brimming with information about how cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system in order to cure and/or relieve the symptoms of dozens of serious illnesses. Several doctors outside the US have been doing research studies FOR DECADES and have seen miraculous results. Then there is all the anecdotal information of hundreds of thousands of people with MS, epilepsy, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Lupus, PTSD, anxiety disorder, fibromyalgia and even terminal cancers, who used cannabis to either cure themselves or to alleviate a lot of their symptoms. So, what are you so afraid of, oh godlike physicians?

I started thinking that maybe the reason that there are only 2,600 medical marijuana users signed up for the Illinois registry might very well be that patients in Illinois are having a very difficult time finding doctors to recommend it. My friends’ experiences would suggest that is happening. I’m just trying to come up with reasons why doctors would be so resistant and many theories come to mind.

The cynic in me immediately rears its ugly head, thinking that doctors have very much to gain by prescribing big Pharma medications with their laundry list of adverse side effects. In many cases, the drugs do not help the condition for which they are prescribed and the side effects outweigh any benefit. The patient is then prescribed yet another drug with its side effects to counteract the side effects of the first drug. Essentially, people are getting even sicker than they would be from their original condition AND doctors are making big money from big Pharma for each drug that they prescribe. I would really hate to think that it is purely an economic thing, well, because, doctors take a hippocratic oath…do no harm…and it seems to me that they are knowingly doing their patients harm by prescribing these drugs.

I’ve decided to think that the reason doctors are so resistant is lack of information about cannabis. I am consciously calling it cannabis, here, because cannabis is medicinal and marijuana is recreational. I realize it is still considered a Substance 1 drug which is totally crazy. The drugs on that list HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO MEDICINAL VALUE. I think at this point, there is enough research with enough studies to indicate this is false, false, false. This is a very big step to overcome for many doctors and patients, alike. Once it is taken off that list, I hope that perceptions about its medicinal value will change radically.

A little birdie told me that the doctor situation is a huge problem in Illinois. Most doctors are being instructed by their lawyers not to recommend it because medical marijuana is not part of the “standard of care” for any condition. Sadly, few doctors have the chutzpah to ignore their lawyers. Not only that, but many HMOs and hospitals are forbidding their doctors from recommending it. Most of the doctors are ignorant of the medicinal value of cannabis. Some of those that are aware of its benefits even tell their patients to keep smoking it, but still refuse to recommend it.

Michaela Frederick is a "marijuana refugee" from Illinois. Cannabis improved her condition dramatically.

Michaela Frederick is a “marijuana refugee” from Illinois. Cannabis improved her condition dramatically.

I am making a very earnest and emotional appeal to you doctors out there, asking you to forget about the illegality of cannabis because there are lots of people who are terminally ill, in a great deal of pain, suffering a poor quality of life who could really benefit from your recommending medical marijuana for them.

I have posted pictures of two Illinois residents who NEED your help. Look at these pictures. Jim Champion is an MS sufferer who discovered how much cannabis helped control his symptoms. Michaela Frederick is a child with epilepsy and former resident of Illinois. Her family became “marijuana refugees” and moved to Colorado. They felt they couldn’t wait any longer for medicine through the Illinois Medical Marijuana Program. Her condition has improved dramatically with cannabis oil. Doctors..what if this were your child?

Are there any readers who asked their doctors for a recommendation for medical marijuana and were denied it? I would love to hear your comments.

I’ve written a series of posts about medical marijuana. If you want to read more you can click on the “Medical Marijuana” tag at the top of my page.

If you want to get more involved in helping Illinois move forward…and boy, do we need help, here…there are resources and links to groups on the Americans for Safe Acess-Illinois page that are doing just that. Americans for Safe Access is a national program, so if you are not an Illinoisian, check out a chapter in your state.

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