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Illinois Medical Cannabis Community is a great resource

Are you a resident of Illinois who has been “sitting on the fence” about applying for a medical marijuana card because you don’t know where to begin? Have I got a great Facebook group for you to join…The Illinois Medical Cannabis Community (IMCC). With over 1,800 members from all walks of life including patients, advocates,... Read more »

The fate of 2 Chicago medical marijuana dispensaries still being decided

The day of reckoning had finally arrived…OK..that’s probably a bit histrionic. Last Friday, August 21, was the date set for the continuance of the zoning board appeals ruling on the fate of the medical marijuana (MMJ) dispensary, Green Gate Compassion Center, at 6501 N. Western in the Rogers Park neighborhood. Those of us in favor... Read more »

Chicagoland Medical Marijuana dispensary updates

It has been an eventful week in the exciting world of medical marijuana (MMJ) both locally, here in Chicago, and statewide. Technically, the Illinois Medical Marijuana Pilot Program started on January, 2014. When I say technically, that is because not a single ounce of MMJ has been sold…hell, not a single dispensary has even opened... Read more »

Dear doctors who refuse to recommend medical marijuana: I have a bone to pick with you

Hey doctors, especially those in Illinois, I have a real bone to pick with you…because now it is personal. I now know 2 people with a debilitating condition who are REALLY suffering and would REALLY benefit from medical marijuana to help relieve their symptoms and improve the quality of their lives, but their docs refuse... Read more »

Fair weathered friend

Do you have a “friend” that you thought when you met him or her that you would be life long friends but it didn’t exactly turn out that way? Yeah. I do and I ran into her yesterday and got the usual response from her; we chatted for about 5 minutes…I probably haven’t seen her... Read more »