Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil is truly a miracle cure for many

Stanley Bros and Sanjay Gupta

Stanley Bros and Sanjay Gupta

Meet the Stanley Brothers. They come from an evangelical Christian family of 11 kids from Colorado Springs, Colorado. They are a pretty unlikely bunch to be one of the biggest producers of cannabis oil in the country. Don’t feel bad if you have never heard of them. I had never heard of them, either, until I watched the TV news magazine “Dateline: Growing Hope” last Sunday. It’s about cannabis and epilepsy. It seems to be the only safe and successful treatment for children with severe epilepsy. The right kind of cannabis oil reduces seizures, dramatically, and in some cases, stops them altogether. Desperate parents “get their children back.” To many parents, it is truly a “miracle cure.” Just ask Paige and Matt Figi, parents of Charlotte. They got their daughter back from the darkness of epilepsy at age 5 when Charlotte’s doctors were recommending a DNR order for her at the hospital.

But, some parents from the state of Virginia who do not want to become “marijuana refugees” where they have to physically uproot their families and move to a state where medical marijuana is legal and readily available; Colorado, in particular, are fighting back. They lobbied their state legislators and won the right for their children to have access to Charlotte’s Web, the low-THC, less than 0.3%, high cannabidiol hemp extract that the Stanley Brothers developed by crossbreeding a strain of marijuana with industrial hemp.

How did the Stanley Brothers get here? In 2009, one of the brothers, Josh, decided to plant marijuana on their farm in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in order to help his cousin whose cancer treatment wasn’t working. The other 5 brothers, Joel, Jon, Jordan, Jared and Josh, after thinking he was kidding, decided to join him and they went into business as marijuana growers. They view it as “God’s plant” and growing marijuana does not compromise their Christian beliefs in the slightest.

When a desperate mother, Paige Figi, whose daughter, Charlotte, had Dravet Syndrome, an aggressive form of epilepsy that caused her to have 300 seizures a week, wandered into the Stanley Brothers dispensary and shared her story, they wanted to help. They took a plant with very low THC content, known as “Hippie’s Disappointment” since it doesn’t get you high, crossed it with industrial hemp and eventually came up with an oil that has incredible medicinal benefits. The Stanley Brothers developed a cannabis oil that changed Charlotte’s life by almost entirely eliminating her seizures and the oil was named Charlotte’s Web after Charlotte Figi. This success has been the catalyst for a complete turnaround in the development of cannabis and the research of cannabis for its medicinal value.

Here’s Josh Stanley’s Tedx Talk about cannabis. Please watch and share

The brothers set up a not-for-profit foundation called Realm of Caring Foundation along with Paige Figi and Heather Jackson, whose 2 children were the first success stories of the treatment of epilepsy with Charlotte’s Web Realm Oil. The mission of the foundation is research, education and advocacy of cannabis oil and its incredible medicinal value.

The good news is that starting this fall, it is now legal to ship Charlotte’s Web Realm Oil to all 50 states, making it unnecessary for parents to become “marijuana refugees.” Because of its extremely low THC content, the oil is considered “realm oil” and not cannabis oil. And now that the research results are finally being publicized…and we should all be outraged that many scientists knew about this over 60 years ago and the research results were suppressed…it is now thought that cannabis can have the same effect on the following conditions:

PTSD, migraines, arthritis, cancer, depression, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, MS and diabetes.

As I read more and more about the miracle that is the marijuana plant and all its medicinal value, I realize that this information has been kept from us due to greed on the part of big Pharma and some absurd misconception about marijuana as a dangerous, “gateway drug.” But, we cannot go back, only forward. And so, I am going to use that emotion to continue championing the use of cannabis. If I have changed one person’s perception, then that is a good start. Now, we need to change the opinion of legislators and change the laws regarding access to cannabis. I hope you will come along with me on this crusade.

How do you feel about cannabis, both as a recreational and a medicinal drug? Are you in favor of it in your state? Do you know anyone who uses it medicinally? I would love to hear your stories and comments.

If you want to get more involved in helping Illinois move forward…and boy, do we need help, here…there are resources and links to groups on the Americans for Safe Acess-Illinois page that are doing just that. Americans for Safe Access is a national program, so if you are not an Illinoisian, check out a chapter in your state.

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