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Why I decided to become a medical marijuana activist

I never set out to be a medical marijuana activist. I have been a fan of recreational marijuana and was aware of the healing properties of cannabis, but I never expected it to become legal in my lifetime. I recently started researching the wonder that is marijuana. I discovered that it is an amazingly complicated... Read more »

A new federally funded study: Cannabis and its effect on veterans with PTSD

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. This post is for the hundreds of thousands of American veterans who put their lives on the line in foreign countries and came back home with PTSD. Relief may finally be on the way. The US Senate Committee on Appropriations just recently voted to add... Read more »

Would you give your pet cannabis?

Virtually every article I have read about cannabis and companion animals has started out the same way. “No, you’re dog won’t get high if you give him cannabis.” Ba dum, dum…I’ll be here til Thursday. Try the veal. I am NOT going to start this post with that same lame joke. There still seems to... Read more »

Thinking of trying cannabis? Check out the Illinois Medical Marijuana Patients' Summit

I wrote a post a few days ago about how cannabis is the most effective treatment for fibromyalgia pain and I really hit a nerve. Over 6,000 people shared that post and I received nothing but positive comments from people from all over the country who support medical marijuana. FINALLY, there is a growing dissatisfaction... Read more »

Cannabis provides the most effective relief for fibromyalgia pain

Hey Big Pharma, it is high time (did you see what I did there?) to relinquish your stranglehold on US consumers. Your drugs are overpriced… there’s an understatement…they don’t work in many cases and they have horrible side effects. Did you know that nearly 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug and... Read more »

Meet Rick Simpson...his cannabis oil cures cancer, allegedly

Meet Rick Simpson...his cannabis oil cures cancer, allegedly
I have long been an advocate of that magical weed known as marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes. While I have been aware of its many health benefits such as: 1. treats glaucoma 2. improves lung health 3. helps control epileptic seizures 4. decreases anxiety 5. slows the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease 6. eases... Read more »

On Mother's Day: A veteran's wisdom and a newbie's wish

Leslie Kahn and Megan Drozd are two “mommy bloggers” with ChicagoNow. Though they come from different generations, they share an intense love for their children, humor, and friendship. This post is one of two in collaboration between them on the theme of motherhood. Please visit the second post through the link provided at the conclusion... Read more »

Alderman Silverstein: You are wrong about medical marijuana users

I was overjoyed when now ex-Governor Quinn passed a law to legalize medical marijuana in Illinois in 2013. I have long been an advocate of this much maligned plant which has so many health benefits. And if I hear or read one more time about how “marijuana is a gateway drug,” I am gonna…well, I... Read more »

Milton Bradley deserves to be in prison

I don’t watch a lot of sports and I don’t often blog about sports. But this post is not really about sports, it is about domestic violence. It happens to involve a sports figure, a baseball player, Milton Bradley, and how the MLB turned a blind eye to what was going on between Bradley and... Read more »

Confessions of a special needs mom

Welp, Mother’s Day is fast approaching. I used to hate Mother’s Day, but now I don’t. In celebration of this blessed Hallmark card buying, excessive chocolate partaking, flower giving event, I thought I would confess to all the weird things that I have done to keep some semblance of my own sanity while parenting my... Read more »