The Happy Ending To My Healthcare Story

I guess the old adage, “it’s not what you know but who you know” really is true. Or at least, in this case, it certainly was. As many of you know, I have had some serious problems getting health coverage for my husband and me since the ACA was implemented. For those of you who want to get up to speed on my story, you can read my last post  I Was in Healthcare Hell When Something Wonderful Happened.


Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that sending an email to the White House, explaining my circumstances, would result in the complete resolution of my healthcare problem. Yup. POTUS and I are BFFs. I sent an email to Barack, my man, and he sent help right away. Help came in the form of an email and then within hours, a phone call from the most powerful head honcho case worker of Chicago Medicaid. That was on a Wednesday. We talked for an hour and she asked me to submit, for the gazillionth time, our business income and expenses information. I did that first thing Thursday morning.

On Friday morning, I received a call back from her. I recognized her phone number when it came up on my cell phone display. I used to have a super power, a photographic memory for numbers as in Rain Man but age and stress have dulled that somewhat. She addressed me as Mrs. Kahn which I hate since I have always used my maiden name; my husband’s name is not only difficult to spell but difficult to pronounce. All of a sudden, I blurted out “you can call me Leslie, not Mrs. Kahn. Mrs. Kahn would be my mother.” I told her this in a frantic kind of way due to a lot of pent up stress and realized that was a crazy thing to do, under the circumstances. What difference did it make what the hell she called me as long as she resolved my problem? It just kinda spilled out of my mouth, uncontrollably. She was clearly taken aback because she didn’t say anything for a minute or two. I tried to apologize the best I could.


She was calling to let me know that our case had been reviewed, that “mistakes were made” and that our benefits would be reinstated. I would be receiving a call sometime before the end of the day, maybe as soon as in an hour to let me know the status, as there was a minor problem with the expenses information.

I was afraid to take a shower, lest I miss her call, and I kept checking that the ringer on my cell phone was turned up. My Medicaid contact called me back to ask if I had received “the call” and I told her I had not. While I was waiting for “the call” I made up this preposterous scenario in my head about how my Medicaid contact decided not to help me, thinking “what a bitch! I’ll show her.” I apologized to her again about my outburst and she probably assumed I was insane, which I was at this point in the proceedings. As soon as I hung up, I got “the call” and was informed that our benefits were reinstated, the case that was waiting for an appeal was closed and a new case was opened with our benefits approved. She never even asked about our expenses and I certainly wasn’t going to bring it up. The entire process took 2 days!!! What a relief that I did not have to waste even more of my time attending an appeals hearing, which undoubtedly would have been a very time consuming ordeal.

I told a few of my friends what had transpired and was disappointed that they were not more impressed by my accomplishment. I was happy when another blogger showed his appreciation for my creative persistence when I recounted the story at our holiday Blathering. I guess I could regard it as my “Chanukah miracle” if I believed in those sorts of things.


Has anyone else had a similar experience? How did you handle it? I would love to hear your comments.

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