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Why I Hate Halloween

When I was a kid, which was when dinosaurs roamed the earth, when you went trick-or-treating, you got not only candy, but taffy apples, fruit and penny toys. That was in the days before sickos put pins or razor blades in fruit. So, now it’s candy, candy and more candy. It’s not just one piece of candy at... Read more »

You Can't Handle The Truth About Global Warming

Scientists are the first to admit that they are skeptics. So, when 97% of climatologists agree that global warming and global climate change is real and is happening at an alarming rate, we should all sit up and take notice. I find it hard to wrap my head around the idea that there are still... Read more »

Please Bear With Me!

I am going to play the “age card” and the “stressed out special needs parent card” when I ask everybody to bear with me when it comes to my confusion about technology. I am so old, I not only remember Pong, I played it the first time around, for God’s sake! Did you know there... Read more »

I Didn't Do It!

“I didn’t do it.” I have heard these four words come out of my son’s mouth more often than any other phrase since he started talking at age 2. In fact, this kid is so audacious that it is not uncommon for him to deny doing something AS HE IS DOING IT!!!! When we were... Read more »

What Ever Happened To Personal Integrity?

The Portage Park 5k Run takes place every year on the last Sunday in September. It’s a lovely event, the weather is typically really cool and sunny and it is sponsored by Presence Health. As part of the festivities, there is a massage tent where participants can receive a 5 minute post run massage. I... Read more »

Just When I Thought All My Problems Were Over

We lost our dental insurance 2 years ago when my husband didn’t qualify for insurance through his union, Screen Actors Guild, because he didn’t earn enough money. Don’t get me started on how wrong that picture is. I am pretty scrupulous about getting my teeth cleaned every 6 months. I look on Yelp for dentists... Read more »

And I Want It On Another Plate

I have been on both sides of the coin, (pun intended) in the great “tipping debate” as a tipper and a tippee (don’t know if this is a legitimate word, but if it isn’t, it should be). My first waitressing job was back in 1975 when I was a student at the University of Illinois... Read more »

To Move Is The Thing

Things have changed a lot in the last 10 years regarding the expectations of how children learn, especially for young boys. When my son, now almost 14, was 3 years old, he was expected to sit still for long periods and “play nicely” with all the other children in his preschool class. When he didn’t... Read more »

Jim McMahon Deserved Better

I am married to a native Brit. Even though he has been here for almost 30 years, the only sport he really enjoys and watches is football. When I say football, I am referring to the game where you actually kick the ball with your foot and which most Americans call soccer. In our household,... Read more »

Who Put The C*nt in Scunthorpe?

Here is Scunthorpe's welcome sign to visitors. Just missing a few letters.
My husband, Martin, hails from a town in the north of England called Scunthorpe. It is not a particularly nice place; it’s sort of like the New Jersey of England. It was a steel town in the 1960s, a real boom town, where people came from all over Britain to work in the steel industry.... Read more »