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Breaking The Rules...Of Sane Behavior

I seem to really be in the minority, here, but I just can’t get my tiny little mind around the obsession in this country with guns and firearms. I don’t own a gun, I’ve never held a gun and I never intend to fire a gun. There is a reason why there are 10,000 deaths... Read more »

Dear Multinational Companies That Use Artificial Food Coloring Only in the US,

In case you haven’t done your research, artificial food coloring is not some benign product that makes our food look pretty, it is a chemical derived from petroleum. It affects the central nervous system and can cause hyperactivity in children; in this case, my child. Although not every child reacts the way mine does, no... Read more »

Nothing But Mooks Part II

The story thus far in a nutshell: Basement floods. Need to hire handyman to divert downspouts out of the drain. Hire and fire first mook who never turns up. Hire 2nd one who makes a complete balls up of the job. Call him a 2nd time whereby he turns up and fails to fix the... Read more »

Dear Neighbors,

Dear Neighbors, When you water your lawn with a sprinkler, please do not water the sidewalk. I walk 3 miles every day around the neighborhood and I don’t think it is fair to expect me to have to choose from the following: 1. Walk through the sprinkler and get wet 2. Wait for the sprinkler... Read more »

Seeing The Other Side...Of The Pond

It’s funny… weird, not haha,… how one major event in one’s young life can chart a path that is completely life changing. For me, that was the upheaval of my life from South Shore to Highland Park at age 14. It was 1968 and by that time, “white flight” had completely changed the neighborhood from... Read more »

Was Not The Intended Target

I am getting pretty damn tired of hearing the same 5 words in each and every story of a gang related shooting, here in beautiful Chicagoland. The person who was killed, usually a child, “was not the intended target.” I have never held a gun in my hand, much less fired one and have no... Read more »

What If Michael Brown's Parents Were White?

In light of the horrific things going down in Ferguson, MO, on both sides; demonstrators and the keepers of order, I wondered what would have happened if Michael Brown’s parents were white. Well, actually, as a white woman and mother of a now teenaged black son, I started to wonder if my color would make... Read more »

I Took An Unwanted Break When I Broke My Ankle

I took a helluva break in 2009. It wasn’t exactly planned. I took a 3 1/2 month break because I broke my ankle in 2 places…just walking down the sidewalk. It was October, 2009 and it was a wet day. My son had just been unsuspended from school after being suspended the previous day. So,... Read more »

The Tale of The BND (B*tch Next Door)

In all my 25 years of apartment living in 4 different neighborhoods, there was no weirder and more vicious neighbor than Lacey, the Bitch Next Door or the BND, the acronym we coined when referring to her. I have to say that there are not a lot of people in this world whom I hate,... Read more »

Same Sex Marriage Rights 2 Intolerant SOBs 0

I hate haters. I just don’t get it. If you don’t want to marry someone from the same sex, then don’t. But, actively working to deprive same sex couples of their constitutional rights of marriage and all the benefits, thereof, is just goddamned tiresome, here in 2014. The first story of haters came from a... Read more »