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She Used To Be My Best Friend

I met Susie in 1986 after I came back to the US after living in Britain for 8 years. We were both living in an apartment complex in Wicker Park in the days when there were still crack houses and people were mugged at gunpoint. My husband, Martin, was still in England. He was planning... Read more »

Puhleeeeeze! Somebody Give Me A Ladder!

And miraculously, somebody did. My now favorite neighbor. She was only too happy to have me take it away and never bring it back. It all started when the basement flooded at the end of June. We started looking at our downspouts and at our gutters. The pathetic excuse for a home inspector led us... Read more »

And The Bad Parenting Award Goes To...

My son, E, has had a love affair with lights since he was a tiny tot; particularly flashlights, red laser pointers and anything that glows in the dark. Big lights, little lights, tiny lights; the number of lights we have acquired must be in the triple digits at this point. I cannot tell you how... Read more »

And You Thought You Had A Hard Day At The Office...

I had a terrible feeling that things wouldn’t go well the next morning. I was so right. E stayed up late watching an episode of Dr. Who. By the time we got him to bed and settled, it was already 10:45pm and he had to get up at 8am for summer school. He always cuts... Read more »

Stay Tuned! Rogers Park Food Co-op Coming Soon!

I have been given the privilege of joining the fledgling group of organizers of the Rogers Park Food Co-op. If you care about the choices and quality of the food you eat, then please join us and get the word out to your friends and family. The seed idea for a food co-op started in... Read more »

No Results, Just Excuses

I thought massage therapists were flaky. I can only say that because I am a massage therapist. When I am in a position to hire other therapists, I am always amazed at how difficult it is to get them to return my phone calls. One might surmise that they are so busy that they don’t... Read more »

Have You Ever Been Chased By A Saber-toothed Tiger?

Parenting our now 13 year old adopted son with special needs, specifically Sensory Integration Dysfunction, has been like being chased by a saber-toothed tiger… for the past 12 years. Physiologically, my husband and I are constantly in the “fight or flight response state” where your heart rate increases, your bladder relaxes, you get tunnel vision,... Read more »

Taking Personal Responsibility? No Thanks!

A dehumidifier was not on my list of appliances I ever expected to purchase until my basement flooded last week. My basement is about 1250 sq ft. and about 1000 sq ft. of it has carpet. When we were looking for a house, our major criterion was to find a nice finished basement where our... Read more »