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Got Health Coverage? The Saga Continues...And Is Finally Resolved!

I was so excited to receive my AllKids Medical Card in the mail. The first thing I did was to make an appointment for a mammogram at Evanston Hospital. The day before my mammogram, I realized that I had better find out if the new doctor who I saw last year who had ordered the... Read more »

A Letter To My Son's Birth Family

Dear Birthmother, I know that you will never read this letter, but I am going to write it, anyway. I would want you and your parents to read it. I know that when you gave birth to my son, you were only 15 years old. I know that your parents made all the decisions for... Read more »

I Used To Live With The Naked Man

I’ve led an interesting and unconventional life. At age 23, I left Chicago, landed in Spain, traveled around Europe, spent 6 months in Israel and finally ended up in Canterbury, England where I met my husband, Martin. Some friends from Canterbury had discovered a place called Glaneirw House in rural Wales and invited us to... Read more »

My Friends and I Invented Paintball in 1978

I should have been a billionaire. Why? Because my friends and I invented paintball in 1978 and we were too stoned on hash and magic mushrooms to have the sense to patent the idea. Oh, yeah, and I used to take drugs. Does that shock you? Come on, it was the 1970s! I was living... Read more »

Pleeeze. Just. Say. No.

For some inexplicable reason, people in this country hate to use the N-word. Not that N-word, the other N-word…No. They seem to think it is kinder just to string others along rather than just saying “No” in the first place, wasting my time and theirs. I am a self-employed massage therapist and I call and... Read more »

SPD: A Sad, Brutally Honest Account of A Child with An Invisible Disability with A Happy Ending

Our now 13 year old adopted son was diagnosed with SPD at age 3, although at that time, it was the “flavor of the month” disorder and just about every little boy was diagnosed with it, so we more or less discounted that diagnosis. But, as he got older and older, we began to realize... Read more »

The Waiting is FINALLY Over....What I Had To Do To Get ACA Coverage

It should not have been this difficult to get health coverage through the state of Illinois, but I have come to the conclusion that this is some “trial by fire” where only the most tenacious get approved. I have also concluded that the Musak you are forced to listen to while on hold is designed... Read more »

Still Waiting After All These Months....

As I sit here, on hold, it is almost 6 months since I applied for health coverage for my husband and me through the state of Illinois. Initially, I was told that my application would be processed in 45 days. Then it became 85 days. Now, apparently, it will be processed when “hell freezes over”... Read more »