Why Are American Politicians So Scared of a National Health Service?

I just got off the phone with the good folks at abe.illinois.gov after spending 50 minutes on hold to be told that the wait time for processing applications is currently 85 days. This means that the application that I submitted on December 9, 2013 has not even been looked at, much less approved, and I am still in health insurance limbo. Apparently, the Illinois Department of Human Services was not prepared for the number of applications. Well, duh!

Our health insurance coverage story is very complicated and I will save you the boring details. So, long story, short: we lost our employer health insurance over a year ago and purchased a “Limited Benefit Plan” which is not really even insurance. But, if one of us gets hit by a bus, at least we would receive the “discounted insurance rate” which is something. Now, I’m having to decide whether or not to cancel the “not really health insurance” which is surprisingly expensive, assuming we will be approved for Medicaid. But, we won’t know until mid-March. Oy!

A single payer system or a national health service would be so much simpler. Every other “civilized” country in the world has one. So, the question is why are American politicians, the people elected to represent their constituents, so scared of a national health service? And no, implementing a national health service will NOT turn our nation into a socialist country which is their default argument. What’s wrong with socialism, anyway? But we will leave that for another post. So, instead, we have this mess called Obamacare where each state implements its own coverage. The glitchy website ended up costing over $1 billion. That money could have been put to much better use. I know Mr. Obama’s hands were tied and he knew a single payer system would never pass Congress, so he came up with something that would and it has been a fiasco.

I lived in the UK for 8 1/2 years where its citizens never receive a bill. It’s not perfect and over the years it has developed into a 2 tier system. You can pay extra to “jump the queue” for procedures and for elective surgeries. It’s better than what we have here!

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  • Most American politicians would love a single payer system, because that would make them indispensable to their constituents. If you read the British news, and I do, then you know that the single payer system in England is a disaster. Sure you can "jump the cue" and get private care IF you have enough money to do so.

    If you want your visit to the doctor to become a political action instead of a personal choice, stick around. Obama's system was designed to fail and suck us all into a single payer government program. If you like the idea of the government agency (the IRS) overseeing the rules and regulations of health care, again, don't venture too far from our shores. You will love the little envelopes with the squared eagle that they lovingly send out to citizens.

    Regarding the idea of the value of "socialism", again, stick around. Socialism is a system where there is no merit or gain in level of income in performance but only merit and gain in the ability to live off of others (or they system).

    Another thing, American politicians, by swearing an oath to the Constitution, are to uphold and defend that Constitution, which may or may not fit your definition of a "civilized" document or charter, but should represent the views of their constituents, though they often do not. With this there is a problem, in that ObamaCare is wildly unpopular as many "uncivilized" Americans like to visit a doctor without it being a political act.

  • One more thing: if you like being on hold, you will just love health care administered by government. Illinois knew the ObamaCare Train was rolling down the tracks since 2009, and yet they aren't ready. Really! No matter what your thoughts on that, just t-h-i-n-k about that.

    Maybe you should give serious thought to "jumping the cue" right now for any doctor appointments in, say, 2017. LOL. Or write Gov Quinn: Really LOL.

  • For your reading pleasure:


    LIke I said, just stay here long enough and it won't be heard to "think of England".

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