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CPD Northside Outdoor Pools: Temporarily Closed for Repairs???

I tell people my 11 year old son, E, is part fish.  He LOVES water and he LOVES to swim;  the deeper the water, the better.  It’s all about sensory input for him.  He has sensory integration dysfunction.  Google search it if you still have never heard of it.  I describe swimming as the “mother... Read more »

Wasn't Me and I Didn't Know

The 2 most popular responses to just about anything I say to my 11 year old son, E, is “wasn’t me and I didn’t know”.  When I asked him who peed BEHIND the toilet seat, of course his response was “wasn’t me”.  At this point, I know that it is absolutely pointless to even ask... Read more »

Pissing in The Dark

My 11 year old son, E, can never close a cabinet, turn off a light, hang up a wet towel or flush the toilet.  Funny really.  When he was 3 years old and he discovered how the toilet worked, we couldn’t get him to stop flushing the toilet.  I remember him watching the sistern fill... Read more »