Fish Food Contains What?

Those of you who know me personally and those of you who follow this blog will know that I have an 11 year old son, E, who has special needs.   His behavioral challenges are caused, for the most part, by his sensory integration dysfunction;  the brain’s inability to make sense of all the sensory messages he receives every day.  Think fingernails scraping down a blackboard.  If that drives you crazy, you have an auditory sensitivity.

My son is one of a small percentage of children who reacts badly to the chemicals in food coloring.  We discovered this when his #$%^& kindergarten teacher gave him 13 jellybeans in a math lesson.  Don’t even get me started as to why his teacher was giving him sugar and food coloring at school.  The result was an 8 hour tirade where he was literally bouncing off the walls for hours, followed by sobbing, then exhaustion, and ultimately, sleep.  As you imagine, my husband and I do our best to make sure that he never eats anything containing food coloring;  no easy task.  We avoid it, ourselves.  If you want to know what I am talking about, Google “Yellow 5”.  I hope you will never eat it again after you read about the effect it has on the human nervous system.

After E inadvertently killed our 2nd guinea pig, Roly Poly II, we finally ended up with goldfish for pets.  You would be surprised at how amusing goldfish are.   We started with 4 goldfish that E won in a carnival.  We lost 2 right off the bat.  But, the remaining 2 survived for months.  E named them Tom and Jerry.  Never having kept goldfish for any length of time, I didn’t realize that you can’t just use tap water because ammonia builds up and it kills them;  you have to use special salts and some stuff that dechlorinates the water.   So, when Tom and Jerry were lying at the bottom of the aquarium one morning, I knew something was wrong.  Only Jerry survived and he shouldn’t have.  He’s our superfish.  We went to the pet store and inquired about what we needed for the fish.  After a while, I decided that Jerry must be lonely, so I bought another goldfish with a red splotch on his head and red lips.  Yup, you guessed it.  We called him Lips.  That was 6 months ago and they are both going strong.  They’ve both grown in size.  Lips chases Jerry around in the aquarium like kittens chase older cats.  It looks like Lips bugs Jerry and that Jerry is trying to get away from Lips, but I could be completely wrong.  But, it’s funny to watch them.

Oh, yeah.  The entire point of this blog was relating that the new fish food that we bought contains FOOD COLORING.  What the?  Who is the intended target market for this colorful fish food?  The fish or the humans that care for the fish?  Does that make any sense?  Good, I’m glad you think it is crazy, too!

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