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Chicago Park District: The Best Resource for Families in Town

We have been making use of Chicago Park District facilities since my son was a toddler.  Our first experience was at Peterson Park Gymnastics Center when E and I did Mom & Tot Gymnastics when he was 20 months old.   A bunch of toddlers with energy to burn would race through an obstacle course while... Read more »

Volunteering Strengthens the Parent-Child Bond

My 11 year old son, E, and I volunteered at St. Ben’s Church on Thanksgiving when our own plans fell through.  We had such a wonderful time that we are now in full-fledged volunteering mode.  We have signed up to volunteer at the same church on Christmas Day;  I’m Jewish and my husband’s family is... Read more »

Enough With the Life Lessons, Already

I always was under the impression that bad things come in 3’s.   Apparently, in our universe, they come in 4’s or maybe even 5’s.  In the past month, we have had 4 fallthroughs in plans;  2 in the past weekend.  When you have a kiddo like mine,  who at age 11, still has major tantrums... Read more »