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My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Got Fat

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It happens to all of us, you get older and fatter. Every day, you’re getting older and fatter. It tends to be a fairly delicate situation to approach with your significant other. After all, nobody WANTS to hear they’re getting fat, but if it’s starting to affect the relationship, you have to speak up at... Read more »

My Friends Hate My Girlfriend

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Remember how happy you were for your buddy when he first started talking to this girl? You’d anxiously await for the stories about what happened and when he finally made it facebook official, YOU were actually happy that you’d been there and got to see the whole thing. Now though…well, now she is just destroying... Read more »

Celebrating Valentine's Day with Your Girlfriend

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Love is BARELY in the air on this week’s episode. We’ve paired up on screen to give you that true couple experience for this year’s most beloved, Hallmark-ed holiday. Is Valentine’s Day a real holiday? Find out what everybody thinks including whether or not we even celebrate it and Vince provides some amazing insight about... Read more »

When To Fart in Front of Your Girlfriend

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“Really, you guys are talking about farts now?” Listen, farts are the least of your worries as far as season 2 topics go. Besides, this, THIS is a legitimate concern. Do you hold it in until you’re about to explode, or is it something you politely excuse yourself for. Find out what we think and... Read more »

Using Online Dating in 2012

Using Online Dating in 2012
It’s everywhere these days. The whole damn world is trying to find you someone to be with. And you want to know why? You’re a lot more pleasant to be around when you’re actually getting laid. Sure the magical land of 2012 is here, and things you saw Sandra Bullock do in “The Net” are... Read more »

Getting Over Your Ex

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Wait a second, you mean to tell me it DIDN’T last forever?!? No way! But…but, you two were sooo cute together. In this season 1 finale, things have taken a turn for the worst. Now, you’re remembering all the times they told you they’d be there for you, and how much they cared for and... Read more »

My Girlfriend's Parents Hate Me

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w/ special guest Matt Hoffman from CBS’ Big Brother With the holidays here, you’re going to be forced into that awesome situation of “spending time with the family”…and it’s probably not even yours! Now what? What are you suppose to do when your significant other’s parents just don’t like you? From CBS’ Big Brother, special... Read more »

I Think My Girlfriend is Cheating

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Let’s just face the facts, she’s probably cheating on you. But, what you’re really looking for here is some concrete reasoning behind it all. This week, it’s all about those cheaters of the world. Find out how we define cheating, as well as some insight as to why people cheat. Don’t you worry though, we... Read more »

When Do I Tell Her I Love Her?

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What’s it been, like 3 dates and you’re already positive this person is the one for you? Can’t stop thinking about them, getting butterflies when they’re near, can’t wait to kiss them. Yeah, you’re positive, you’re in love. But now, when do you actually say it. Get a little insight from us about when is... Read more »

My Girlfriend Drinks Too Much

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We figured, what better way to talk about a drunk girlfriend, than by being drunk ourselves. Sure you may have met when you were drunk, but now…well now, what the hell! This week we’re barely coherent, but still trying to be your guide through that relationship world. Find out what you should be drinking, the... Read more »