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My Girlfriend Cries All the Time

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You’ve wondered it before. What in the world could make a girl cry so…damn…much. Not to fear, we’re here to help! In this week’s episode we’re here to help. Learn what makes girls cry, what to do when they start crying (even if it’s during sex) AND how to make her stop crying. Remember….we’re experts.... Read more »

Does your pet watch you have sex?

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Apparently everybody in the world loves pets. Everybody, except for JoE that is. Their cute little faces. Cuddly, fluffy bodies. Unless you’re talking about birds….or fish. This week, we tried to talk about having a pet in a relationship and just failed miserably. What should have been advice turned into us talking about our own... Read more »

"We Don't Have Sex Anymore" - My Girlfriend Won't Have Sex With Me

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So she won’t have sex with you anymore and you think you did something wrong, huh? Chances are you’re just dating a woman, congratulations! In this week’s episode find out what’s too long to not have sex as well as some feedback from everyone on how you can MAKE the other person have sex with... Read more »

Your Boyfriend is a Bro and You're a Jersey Shore Rat

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Bros will be bros and rats will be rats. In this week’s episode it’s all about what it means to have a significant other who loves going to the club. We’ll let you know what a bro is, why girls find them sexy and tell you what REALLY happens at clubs. So ladies, slap on... Read more »

What is PMS?

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You’re a guy, you can’t possibly understand what it’s like to bleed for 7 days and not die. Few of us can. In this week’s episode though, hear from the guys and the girls about how to handle a girl on her period.

My Girlfriend is a Gold Digger

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Don’t fool yourself…they’re out there! And this week, find out if it’s worth it to date someone for their money and even more, how to spot a gold digger.

Dating a Girl Who Has a Kid

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She turned out to be everything you wanted, and more. Unfortunately, in this case, the “and more” turned out to be her child. Awesome, right?! But now what?! Should you even date someone who has a kid? What can you expect? Are there any benefits? It’s all discussed in this week’s episode.

My Girlfriend Thinks I'm An Asshole

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Girls are attracted to the asshole. So actually, this may not be such a bad thing. This week find out if we’re assholes. Though, be warned, we may have started celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a little too early and a little too much.

My Boyfriend/Girlfriend is Getting Clingy

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There was once a time when you may have even sat with bated breath waiting for that person to text you back. Not anymore! Now…WAY too many. Vince Vaughn had one in Wedding Crashers, now you’ve got one in real life. A stage 5 clinger! Learn to spot some of the warning signs early, and... Read more »

My Girlfriend Still Has Pictures of Her Ex on Facebook

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Isn’t it awesome how Facebook will continue to be a part of your life, even if you don’t want it to be? It’s the go-to place for information, and like it or not, sometimes things are gonna linger. In this week’s episode, what do you do when the current person you’re seeing starts perusing your... Read more »