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[Season 2 Promo] Terrell's Failed Audition

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Getting the cast exactly where we wanted it for the show wasn’t the easiest task. We even tried to incorporate some other people throughout the season. In this case, we even had one of the guys crash the set and start recording his own episode. He didn’t really work out before…and here’s why! Follow Terrell... Read more »

[Season 1] Ep 8 "Drunk Episode" Outtakes

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So you saw that which became the drunk episode, now look at just a small fragment of the hour long footage actually captured that evening. The thought of, “hey, if we’re filming a drunk episode, we should BE drunk” immediately became a dumb idea as soon as the tequila shots started flowing that night. And... Read more »

[Season 1 Promo] What is

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Somehow you managed to not only pick the girl up, but you were able to woo her enough to actually talk her into committing to you. Nice job! Now what? Let our video blogging staff take you through the motions of the relationship world. When to have sex, when to tell her you love her... Read more »