Getting Facebook into the Dating App Marketplace

Getting Facebook into the Dating App Marketplace

Valentine’s Day weekend, 2016, would have been the perfect opportunity for Facebook to enter into the dating application marketplace among Tinder, Happn, OkCupid, and more. It will be 5 years before Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday again — and because of the leap year — it will not fall on a Saturday until 2026.

When Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, the world of heartbroken, single people can simply coast through the “holiday”. Spending it at home watching “Making a Murderer” and eating a Lou Malnati’s heart-shaped pizza by themselves. When it falls on a Friday night, single people will find themselves still sitting at home avoiding the holiday — OR — out with other single friends.

This year, however, it fell on a Sunday. A once in 10 years opportunity for friends to try and match single friends together for a Valentine’s Day weekend date; all the while, still being able to spend Valentine’s DAY alone with their significant other. It’s kind of how you go out of your way to thank a Veteran on Veteran’s Day. You can do that, literally, any day of the week — do you? Probably not.

2016 Valentine’s Day weekend — it should have been the weekend of blind dates, and new connections. A perfect opportunity for friends to say, “hey, I have this friend…”

With that in mind, I would have loved to see a commercial in Super Bowl 50 from Facebook. From my perspective, the world seems to becoming more detached from Facebook. What was once a fun way to find out what your friends were up to, is now just a collection of weird articles, gross videos, and generic life lessons. Facebook has lost its “heart”. With that, I think Facebook should have brought us Introduce.


“Introduce” would let users suggest connections between friends — whether it be for dating, recreational, or professional circumstances.

If you had a friend alone this Valentine’s Day weekend, you could look for potential matches among your extended network. While this is technically something you could do today, the tools for doing so are not convenient. I believe it’s the responsibility of software developers to help foster real life connections in this world of digital companionship.

What would make Introduce great, is the increased amount of trust between friends. This principle serves as the core business model of the popular dating app Hinge, and is positioned as a “feature set” in apps like Tinder and Bumble. There’s a comfort in knowing you have common friends, or common interests from the start.


Think you’d use Introduce for connecting friends on Facebook? I’d love to know what you think in the comments section below.

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