Celebrity Naked Photos Leaked - #theFappening

Celebrity Naked Photos Leaked - #theFappening

The last day of August marked a major breach in privacy for a number of celebrities. A slew of naked pictures were released and immediately spread throughout the internet using sites like twitter and img.ur. Big name celebrities such as Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst were at the receiving end of this privacy invasion.

What we’re seeing, is another public exploitation of personal moments. “Ruined” may be an understatement, but right now, the people in these photos have just had their personal lives invaded. If you’ve ever been burglarized, you know the feeling. Somebody you don’t know in your private space. Only in this case, that “somebody” is the internet.

Raising the question…who’s to blame?


The rumors surfacing are pointing sources at a breach in security with Apple’s iCloud technology. What this means, is that the photos would have been synced with the user’s account, to a cloud-based server. Someone was then able to access that server, retrieve these pictures and share them with the world. So, is the obvious hole in Apple’s iCloud technology to blame? Should these celebrities be filing a lawsuit against Apple?


Again, speculated rumors, but apparently the hacker sold these photos as opposed to releasing them himself. So here we have a criminal, who has intentionally hacked a server to retrieve other people’s personal images. THEN, profited off the sale of these photos. Is he solely to blame? It’s not like this guy was just walking down the street and saw a handful of naked photos on the ground. This….this was premeditated.


You know, maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m the bad guy for looking? Helping to boost the online traffic with my own curiosity.

It’s like being stuck in traffic at a Gaper’s Delay. Everybody in front of you who slows down to is the jerk – until you finally get up to the scene. Then you think, “well, I already waited 30mins in traffic just to get here, why wouldn’t I look too?” All we’re doing at that point is perpetuating the cycle. So, maybe…maybe it’s me.


Is this really just a situation where people need to own up to the things they do, no matter how small they may seem. Is it really THAT hard to NOT take naked pictures of yourself knowing there’s even a small possibility they may get leaked?

We live in a post-Paris Hilton-era. You should just KNOW not to do this. If it’s digital, it’s probably not secure. And if it’s not secure, it’s definitely not private. So maybe it’s their own fault.

You tell us, who do you think is to blame?

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