Stop. Spoiling. Game of Thrones.

Stop. Spoiling. Game of Thrones.

Listen, I get it. You read the books. That is just…ya know, good for you. If I could, there is only one favor I ask…SHUT THE F*%& UP!!!

The situation we have on our hands is a modern day Santa Claus. Those “friends” on your social networks, are just the jerk kids in class who decided to tell everyone he wasn’t real rather than letting you live in a world of pure imagination a little longer. Now the kids who ruined it for everybody else when they were younger have the chance to do it again, and they’re taking full advantage. What’s worse, they try to blame it on you.

— “You Should Have Read the Books” —

No, no I shouldn’t have. Maybe while you were sitting there for weeks on end, being a hermit, locked up inside your house the rest of us were out enjoying the world. Have you even seen the size of these books?!


Me personally, I work (a lot), I play hockey, I do this weekly web show, I write blogs like this. When do I get to read, it’s usually a proposal from a client, a giant email chain or some kind of technical specifications document. So the thought that I’d have time to sit down and read THAT…that gigantic stack of books, isn’t really feasible.

You like reading, guess what I like doing…WATCHING THE SHOW! And one hour of my time, every Sunday, to be thoroughly entertained is quite delightful.

— “The Books Came out 18 Years Ago” —

got-george-rr-martin-crab-houseOh yeah, because 18 years ago I was really into dudes getting their heads chopped off, dragons, imps and incest. That was just “my thing” back then, right?! NO!

15 years ago I was listening Blink 182 and dying my hair blond. If Blink 182 had written a book, I probably would have read it. Don’t take your angst out on me because this awesome, nerd-core series has now gone mainstream. You’re like the fans who hated Green Day when “Dookie” came out because they “sold out”.

Besides THAT, almost ALL you bastards probably didn’t even start reading the books until 2011 when the novel became a New York Times Best Seller. If you didn’t, then you’re part of the even WORSE crowd who started reading the books after the first season came out. NOW, you think you’re all high and mighty because you read ahead. Man do you piss me off.

 — “Stay Off of Social Media” —

How about you just stop being a dick, instead. Where were you posting up these spoilers years ago after you had “read the books”? Or to your MySpace account back in 2001. You’re doing it now because you want to be a dick. You’re purposely trying to ruin it for people. Don’t try and justify it to make it seem like it’s MY fault for seeing the things my friends post to Facebook.


My Plea

I thoroughly enjoy watching the Game of Thrones series as it’s happening. I like going into work the next day and talking about it with co-workers. Or, inviting people over Sunday night to hang out, watch the show together and talk about it afterward. I even enjoy catching up with my father when he gets a chance to watch the show on HBO Go 2 or 3 days later.

I enjoy talking about theories & ideas, who’s behind what and trying to guess what’s going to happen next. You know what ruins all of that…YOU!!!

So just stop….stop posting spoilers to your social networks. Wouldn’t it have been nice to believe in Santa just a little longer. Don’t take that away from the rest of us.

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