10 Ways I Know I'm Getting Old This Holiday

10 Ways I Know I'm Getting Old This Holiday


#1) I find myself keeping a sweater a work for when I get cold.

#2) I thought to myself, “ya know, I don’t need THAT many Christmas lights up”

#3) I would legitimately be excited to receive new socks. Love the way new socks feel!

#4) I found myself asking for “housewares” for this year. Like those squishy mats. Because how much cooler is it to stand on a squishy mat than a regular mat?!!

#5) There are at least 4 children, under 6yrs of age, whom I’m responsible for purchasing gifts for.

#6) I’m excited to spend the day with my family.

#7) “Love Actually” may have topped “Elf” as best Christmas movie.

#8) I thought about sending out Christmas cards. I’m not going to, but I definitely thought about it for like a solid 20 seconds one day. Never done that before.

#9) I think a White Christmas would be cool, but ya know, with driving and stuff, if it doesn’t snow that day, I’m still kind of okay with it.

#10) Turns out Santa is NOT cool with me sitting on his lap anymore.


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