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[Season 1] Ep 8 "Drunk Episode" Outtakes

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So you saw that which became the drunk episode, now look at just a small fragment of the hour long footage actually captured that evening. The thought of, “hey, if we’re filming a drunk episode, we should BE drunk” immediately became a dumb idea as soon as the tequila shots started flowing that night. And... Read more »

My Girlfriend Drinks Too Much

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We figured, what better way to talk about a drunk girlfriend, than by being drunk ourselves. Sure you may have met when you were drunk, but now…well now, what the hell! This week we’re barely coherent, but still trying to be your guide through that relationship world. Find out what you should be drinking, the... Read more »

Meeting the Family for the First Time

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You’ve been getting the sex for free, now it’s time to meet the cow. With the holidays coming up, you’re bound to get forced into the awkward situation of….ugh! Meeting her family. That’s right you lazy bastard, you actually HAVE to shower now. Maybe even comb the hair and put on your finest old band,... Read more »

Girlfriend Slept with Too Many People

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Oh how fun! That awkward moment in the relationship when the question of “so, how many people have you slept with?” comes up. That brief hesitation of “do I tell the truth?” This week, we let you know whether it’s okay to lie about your sexual history as we touch on the subject of really,... Read more »

I Think My Girlfriend Has an STD

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Maybe it’s time to start worrying. STDs are no laughing matter…well, unless you’re watching this episode. It’s time for the advice you should have paid attention to in health class. Some STDs you already know, others, like “kids”, you may have never even heard of. Let us help you learn what to do when that... Read more »