Hi! I'm Heather, the Chicago-based blogger behind the SmartSavvyStyle blogs. I provide real style advice to the average woman.

Blogger Bio

I'm just your average Joey, living in corporate America. My professional experience is in writing, editing, and training. I have always worked in an office environment, so I focus my posts on professional clothing. I have a classic style with just a touch of the current trends. As I have developed my style, I have found some really great ways to incorporate trendy items without breaking the bank or sacrificing my professional style! These are the ideas I want to share with you!

About My Blog

This blog focuses on professional clothing. I combine fashion trends, classic style, and applicable tips for Chicago's corporate world. I am often shocked by what I see on my morning commutes, and I have a goal to dress up corporate Chicago. Or at least dress them appropriately. I encourage discussion and love to hear your thoughts on my ideas. Together, we can make corporate Chicago look pretty sharp.

Where Else You Can Find Me

I share my personal style in my personal blog: Smart and Savvy Style.  This blog focuses on making the most out of the items already hanging in your closet, smart and savvy buys to add style to your wardrobe, and putting things together to in a way that is simple yet stylish. The outfits range from casual to dressy, the style from traditional to modern, and the pieces from cheap to...well, cheap.  Ahem, make that inexpensive; you won't find colored animal print on my blog.

You can also find me on Chicago Shopping at  Smart and Savvy {Food} Style where I talk food on a budget and local restaurant splurges. I love to bake but hate to cook. Ever budget conscious, I roam the aisles of the grocery stores just like you. My recipes are quick and easy, typically with very few ingredients. I love a good deal. And I love using the money I save to splurge at local restaurants. Follow along as I share my opinions of the best buys in the weekly Dominick's ads, quick and easy meals to make at home, and my experiences at some of Chicago's unique dining options!

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