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Goals > Resolutions

I’ve never been much of a resolution girl. I feel like it’s a setup for failure. How many tweets, blogs, posts, conversations have you recently had where people have mentioned how they’ve already messed up their New Year’s resolutions? It’s January 7th. It’s the first full week of the new year. Ease up on yourself! But I feel like we have that in the back of our minds, whether we realize it or not. It’s almost a bonding thing to laugh ironically with someone while you mention what you’ve done to mess up your (not even a week old) resolutions.

However, I DO set monthly goals for myself. I make them achievable, but not so easy that it wouldn’t matter if I made them a goal or not. It feels good to hit your goals and it feels even better to be good to yourself. There is still a bit of footwork to be done for each goal and I want to constantly stretch myself to do MORE. I never really share them though. I might after the fact, but I don’t write down these monthly goals even for myself. If I WERE to make an actual “resolution,” perhaps that should be it – blog at the beginning of each month and share the post where I detail my goals for that month. I recognize how great accountability is and I feel like I have friends that I regularly speak to either on social media or in person that WOULD call me out if I were to shirk on the goals I’ve shared with them.

So…here we go!

January Goals


  1. Blog for myself weekly. I’d LOVE to do two posts/week, but I think one is more realistic right now. And I need to start deciding what my blog is really about. It’s kind of all over the place, and I’ve always liked that, but perhaps it’s confusing to people that read it?
  2. Go to the gym 4x in January: seems simple enough right? Yet it’s been six months since I last went, despite sleeping in my gym clothes to make it easier to get up and go.
  3. Make healthier food choices.
  4. Cook at least once/week: as opposed to eating chips and cheese every day or microwaving premade meals. I want to cook way more than once/week, but once is definitely doable.
  5. Take more ME time. I tend to work as though I’m a doctor on call, and I’m the farthest from that!
  6. Check out the new restaurants I’ve been wanting to try…that are no longer new!
  7. Get back into Twitter chats.

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I’ve been looking at this post for two days now, thinking I should add more. Perhaps I will if I think of others, or I’ll move them to February!

Do you do resolutions? What are some of YOUR January goals?

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