October Amazon Fashion Finds

October Amazon Fashion Finds

I’m so surprised that I never thought to shop for clothes on Amazon before the past few months. I have always been a huge Amazon fan – mainly for selling client’s products in grocery and for purchasing little beauty and food items that I need and can have delivered the same day, but I never thought about being able to get such cute clothes there! Unfortunately for my bank account, that’s ALL changed.

I’ve been buying so many clothing items on Amazon, that they’ve even given me my own store! If you like anything I share here, you can easily purchase the items here. You don’t have to spend a million bucks to make it look like you have! Most of these items are Prime finds and all have high ratings.

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I’m obsessed with this dress. I originally bought it in white because I have never had a winter white dress and when it came lined in fleece? I knew I had to had it in black as well. Although it’s lined, it’s not thick at all, just really soft. At only $13, there’s no reason to pass it up!

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Doesn’t just looking at this make you want to curl up in it?! It runs large but not too big that it becomes awkward. It’s the softest hoodie I’ve ever had and warm and super cute with jeans or leggings if you want to leave the house in it. Warning: it DOES make it hard to leave the couch because it’s SO comfy!

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I am all about camo this fall! I love these sweatpants, but the shirt was a bit of an Amazon fail. It’s a dupe of the uber popular Free People tie shirt, but it didn’t come in XS, and the small (pictured here) is still swimming on me. These joggers are great though, and perfect for running errands on a weekend or just lounging around at home.

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Could this dress be any cuter?! I love swing dresses and this has the perfect amount of flounce. You can layer a vest on top or even a sweater for when it gets colder. While it’s flowy and not fitted, it still manages to show off your shape. And at just $20, it’s easily becoming a staple.

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You can find this exact fleece pullover at Abercrombie for $70, or on my Amazon list for $24! It’s soft, and works well with jeans or leggings. It’s also roomy enough to wear something underneath, but it feels so good against your skin, you probably won’t want to.


I LOVE shirt dresses. They’re easy to throw on and go to work or brunch and you can wear them open for an entirely new look! This one is a bit thicker than most, it’s flannel, but still is soft and not stiff. I tend to add belts to most my shirt dresses and this one comes with its own belt!


Are YOU finding some great deals on Amazon? I’d love to check them out!

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