The Good, Bad & The Ugly From The Bears Season Opener

The Good, Bad & The Ugly From The Bears Season Opener

While Chicago suffered their fourth consecutive season-opening loss in their 2017 season opener Sunday, they showed a lot of promise. They were able to keep it close throughout the entire game against the visiting Atlanta Falcons, and were thisclose to ending the game with a game-winning drive.

Here is what I found good, bad and ugly from Chicago’s 23-17 loss to the NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons.


Tarik Cohen: I’m the first to admit. While they’re my hometown team, the Bears aren’t my most favorite team. Having not followed their draft and preseason very closely, I wasn’t aware of Cohen, but everything changed after watching Sunday’s game. Not only did Tarik Cohen lead in rushing and receiving, but he also got his first regular season touchdown from Mike Glennon.

Akiem Hicks: I love this guy. Always have. I was very happy to see him sign a four-year contract extension just one day prior to the season opener. With three tackles and two sacks, Hicks didn’t disappoint Sunday. Worth noting, those two sacks on Matt Ryan were the only ones in the game.


Jordan Howard: I’m putting Howard into this category, only because he dropped the goal line pass late in the game, which could have led to the game-tying touchdown. He did have one touchdown in the game, but it was frustrating to see him drop that second-and-goal pass.

Bobby Massie: Massie wasn’t able to provide much protection in the pocket for Mike Glennon. At the end of the game, had Bobby Massie been able to help Glennon not get sacked, the Bears may have won the game.

Mike Glennon: He doesn’t really belong on the “BAD” list. His main problem might have been his lack of receivers. Perhaps I’m biased. I really like Mitch Trubisky, and was hoping we’d get to see him take over as the starting quarterback. While Glennon didn’t make any truly awful mistakes, he didn’t play that well. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and predict that within the next four games, we see Trubisky starting.

Kyle Long: The “BAD” part is that he’s not yet on the field! I’m sure I’m not alone, in longing for Long. Still not cleared to play after last season’s ankle injury, his absence on the field was undoubtedly felt.

Quintin Demps: He gave up an 88-yard touchdown. ‘Nuff said.


Kevin White: This poor guy can’t seem to catch a break here in Chicago. After the past two seasons where Kevin White has been sidelined by injury, I was really looking forward to finally getting the chance to watch him play. Sadly, White left the game in the fourth quarter with a shoulder injury, and it’s rumored that he’s broken his collarbone. That means another season-ending surgery is ahead for him. If that is the case, the Bears will now have lost their #1 (Cam Meredith) and #2 wide receivers just one game into the season.

Despite the bad, the Chicago Bears had an impressive game. Had they won, it would have been week 1’s biggest upset, and they came pretty close.

The Bears are set to visit Tampa Bay for Week 2, but that game is up in the air due to Hurricane Irma.

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