10 Spring-Themed Ideas for Your Next Workplace Party

10 Spring-Themed Ideas for Your Next Workplace Party

Office parties offer a great opportunity for co-workers to bond over good food, drink and party themes. Throwing a fun party will boost morale around the office and give opportunities for workers to interact in a more casual setting.

If you need ideas for your next workplace party in the spring, here are 10 tips to spark your creativity.

1. Make a Zoo Outing

The best way to start celebrating spring is to get outside. Take a look at your local zoos and see if they offer group discounts or guided tours. Employees will love the opportunity to see all of the unique animals in their habitats. After all, some of the most entertaining parties happen at the zoo.

2. Plan a Soda Float Social

There’s more than just the classic root beer float out there. As the sun starts to come out more, your co-workers will love having this refreshing and cool treat. Browse some different soda float recipes and set up a bar where they can pick and choose what to put in their floats. This sweet party will surely be a springtime hit.

3. Organize a Brunch Day

Brunch is often heralded as one of the best meals. So, it makes sense that having a brunch day for your employees will make them ecstatic. From chicken and waffles, eggs benedict and fruity crepes, you can adjust the decadence of the offered food with ease. Additionally, a buffet-style meal will make it easy for workers to come and go during the workday.

4. Have a Pizza Party

Almost everyone enjoys a good pizza. Harken back to the good old days of schooltime by throwing a pizza party in the office or out in the sun. Whether it’s a lunchtime party or a nighttime event with some wine, pizza is a nearly universally enjoyed food that co-workers will love.

5. Do a Family Fun Day

Family Fun days are a great way to celebrate your employees’ families and show them you care about their work-life balance. As the weather starts to warm up, ask co-workers to bring in their families for outdoor games, crafts and food. You can do a barbeque or find some local food trucks to attend your event.

6. Plan a Movie Night

Whether in the office or out in a theater, a movie night is an event everyone can enjoy. If you have a big screen or a projector in the office, the only expenses you’ll have are the food and the movie. You could also make the same cocktails seen in some of the most iconic movies. This can also be a great way to give employees something fun to talk about.

7. Throw an Ugly Sweater Party

Still cold in the spring where you’re located? Have co-workers don their ugliest sweaters and laugh the day away. Ugly sweaters don’t have to stay only during Christmastime — challenge your employees to find the wackiest patterns they can. You could even have a prize for the ugliest one voted by the office.

8. Have a Mardi Gras Celebration

Mari Gras is one of the most famous spring events, so bringing a little bit of New Orleans to your office will be a lot of fun. Find some festive ways to decorate the office and do a bit of research on the foods traditionally served. This lively party will fill the office with the spirit of the season and officially welcome the new season to the office.

9. Host a BBQ

This is a classic event you can suit to all palates and dietary restrictions. In the spring, get outside by having a barbecue for the office. All types of meats and vegetables can be tossed on the grill to create amazing flavors that your employees will appreciate. Incorporate this springtime classic into your next office party.

10. Hold an Office Olympics

Before the summer Olympics kick off, have your very own when the temperature starts to go up. If different parts of the office don’t get the opportunity to interact with each other very often, consider mixing up the teams so they can get to know each other. You could also encourage some healthy competition by offering prizes to the gold, silver and bronze medal winners.

Liven up the Workplace With a Spring-Themed Party

Your office will love your next spring party. Whether you’re planning a movie night or doing pizza and drinks, showing your co-workers how much you care with a party will make them happier. It shows that you think of them as a family and want the office to get to know each other better. If you’re looking for ways to bring spring to the workplace, use one of these party themes to have some fun.

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