8 Simple Ways Small Business Owners Can Improve Security

8 Simple Ways Small Business Owners Can Improve Security

As a small-business owner, you might be looking for ways to protect your business. To enhance your business’s security, you must combine both efforts digitally and physically. Ensure you improve your security by utilizing the tips below.

1. Place Security Cameras at Entry Points

Security cameras are an excellent way to catch whoever is trying to break into your place of business. Plus, they can deter any criminals from taking action if they see they’re on camera.

However, you should ditch the traditional security cameras and upgrade to wireless. Smart security cameras let you set up from the best angles. Additionally, they give you peace of mind because you can access them from wherever you are through your smartphone. So you can keep watch on your business at all hours of the day.

Furthermore, you can place them indoors to capture whatever is happening inside your store.

2. Hire a Security Team

If you’re in a high-crime area, you might consider hiring a professionally trained bodyguard for safety. Having security guards around your place of business can provide you some relief. That way, you’re not constantly concerned about protection.

You can take extra precautions by making your business feel safe when you have someone taking care of your security 24/7.

3. Check for Poorly Lit Areas

Dark alleyways and areas with inadequate lighting are hotspots for criminals to hide. Ensure the outside of your business is well-lit. Doing so will deter thieves from targeting your property, and it ensures your employees’ safety after closing up.

4. Utilize Keyless Entry

Small-business owners and their employees have a higher chance of compromising their business’s security when they lose their keys. Consider using a keyless entry system instead.

For instance, a cloud-based control system gives you access through a smartphone app or keyfob. Using these keyless entry systems, you enhance your building security and have increased control over access management. Furthermore, keyless entry systems give you real-time data. So you can track whoever is entering your building with the latest software.

5. Use Encryption to Process Data Safely

Part of enhancing your business’s security is through customer data protection. Cyberattacks can surface regularly for small businesses. You might think data breaches only happen for large corporations. However, bigger companies have the resources to protect sensitive information. In a 2020 report, 28% of data breaches targeted small businesses.

Small businesses are more vulnerable to hackers because they know employers are less likely to invest in IT security. Either this is because they don’t have the funds or aren’t sure where to start. Consider using encryption software when customers enter their payment information. Encryption can secure customers’ data when it processes through the web portal.

6. Shut the Blinds After Hours

Avoid letting anyone have a chance to peek inside your business. When your blinds are open, thieves can see what valuables are inside your store. Ensure you keep the blinds closed after hours and make this part of your closing routine, so employees remember.

Closing blinds will discourage passersby from looking inside your office. Therefore, you’re making your place safer in the long run.

7. Update Your Firewall Protection

Malware and other malicious viruses always have a chance of making their way to your computer, causing harm to your network and physical devices. While working on your company’s computer, make sure your firewalls are up to date.

Any chance your computer’s security software is not up to date is an opportunity for cybercriminals to steal your company’s data.

8. Beware of Strange Email Attachments

It’s more common nowadays for small businesses to correspond with customers and suppliers by email. Often, these emails include attachments that can contain viruses. Once you open the attachment, the virus will download a malicious code — making your computer vulnerable to thieves.

Never open a suspicious attachment unless you know who sent the email. Another way to keep things secure is to install viral protection software on your device. That way, you’re taking extra measures to protect your environment.

Keep Your Business Safe

Small-business owners have plenty of ways to keep their business safe. They just have to utilize the right tools and sources around them. Follow these tips for good measure, and you’ll ensure the protection of your customers, employees and yourself.

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