How to Properly Equip Security Staff: 6 Essentials

How to Properly Equip Security Staff: 6 Essentials

Security guards have varying responsibilities. They monitor potential or existent threats, stop illegal activities, protect physical properties and enforce laws or regulations. 

Different types of security guards serve different purposes — for example, there are residential or commercial guards, guards in brick and mortar retail stores, and some are placed at entrances of some financial institutions.

Security companies need to ensure their guards are properly trained and properly equipped with the tools and equipment necessary to perform their jobs. It’s critical to know what essential items can help security guards in times of need. 

Essential Equipment for Security Guards

Let’s explore the essential pieces of equipment that security guards need while they’re on the job and offering protection. 

1. Protective Apparel

First and foremost, what a security guard wears plays a significant role in their role. For example, security guards must make their position known by wearing a patch or name tag with the words “security guard” or “security officer” on them. This lets the general public know that they are security guards and can help in emergency situations.

If guards are supposed to be performing undercover surveillance, they should wear casual clothing to blend in with the crowd. Additionally, guards must wear some type of body armor, whether Kevlar, UHMWPE or ceramic body armor. This will protect them in instances where criminals are carrying deadly weapons. 

2. Comfortable Footwear

Security guards spend most of their time on their feet during their workday. To remain vigilant and avoid feeling exhausted, guards should be wearing comfortable footwear specifically made for security guards. 

There are plenty of choices online, from tactical boots to comfortable sneakers. It’s best to equip officers with footwear that they can spend hours at a time walking on. Footwear must be protective yet comfortable and flexible. 

3. Communication Devices 

Security guards often work in teams, and each team member needs to be able to communicate with each other effectively. Communication devices, such as walkie-talkies, and earpieces are commonly used in the security industry.

When emergency situations arise, members of the security team need to discuss a plan of action and speak to each other about what steps need to be taken to secure a property or individual. 

4. Video Surveillance Equipment

Depending on their job responsibilities, some guards will need video surveillance equipment to complete different tasks. Binoculars, cameras and CCTV are all types of video surveillance equipment used by guards to patrol an area.

Take a TSA agent, for instance — they will also be equipped with X-ray equipment, scanning devices or metal detectors to help keep areas safe from guns, knives and other potentially deadly weapons. Knowing guards are keeping an eye out and using video surveillance equipment can give others peace of mind.

5. First Aid Kit

While first aid is not always included in a security officer’s job description, it’s always best for guards to have some basic training or knowledge of administering first aid. Whether it’s providing bandages for a child or covering up a bullet wound in a more serious case, having a first aid kit on hand is key. In some hospitals, security guards are even equipped with EpiPens to use during allergy-related incidents. 

The availability of a first aid kit in dire situations can mean the difference between life and death. Ensure your security guards have easy access to a first aid kit. It’s also a good idea to provide CPR training. This comes in handy when a civilian is in a medical emergency. 

6. Weapons

Not all security officers are armed, but if they are, they need a couple of essential weapons to fend off would-be criminals. Handguns, batons, tasers and pepper spray can help guards defend themselves and the public during emergencies. Some security guards need to be trained and licensed before handling deadly weapons — some states have these standards. 

It’s always recommended that guards have training in using a gun and can accurately aim and shoot, but only if necessary. 

Other small items that may be necessary for security guards are flashlights or ID cards. They may come in handy when guards least expect it. 

Equip Security Guards With the Essentials

Keep all of these pieces of equipment in mind as you hire and train new security guards to work for your company. They’ll all come in handy and will be needed during the day-to-day operations.

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