Starting an Office Sports League: 7 Tips to Get You Started

Starting an Office Sports League: 7 Tips to Get You Started

Are you looking to boost morale in your workplace? Maybe you’ve tried happy hours or team meet-ups, but so far, nothing has seemed to work. Many employers are finding great success with office sports leagues, as they provide opportunities for healthier workplaces and team-building efforts. Try these seven tips to get your own game on today.

  1. Ask People to Sign Up

As we well know, exercise is crucial for individuals to remain healthy throughout their lives. Doing exercise at work offers excellent benefits to all who participate. Researchers have found long-term health benefits associated with team sports. Office leagues also help employees form bonds with co-workers, boosting morale and building cohesion among staff. 

The first step of getting any office sports league started is asking interested people in your workplace to sign up. In your introductory email, make sure to ask people to select a preferred form of communication. Whether through text, Facebook Messenger or other means, ensure everyone knows how you will spread the news. 

  1. Choose Your Practice Location and Time

Additionally, choose a location where all your practices will take place. If your workplace is large enough and has a gym on campus, have your employees practice there. If you need additional space or must practice outside, select a field that’s as close to your office as possible. 

Due to familial and life responsibilities, not all your workers will be able to dedicate their entire evenings to the office sports league. It’s wise to be respectful of their time by scheduling your practices right after work. 

  1. Select Your League Sport

Choose a sport based on the current season or expressed interest from employees. Basketball is often a popular pick, as it’s pretty simple to play – all you need is a ball and a minimum of three people on a team to start. 

Beginning your office league with a sport like basketball is wise because it introduces your employees to the concept of a work league. It shows them how much commitment is necessary and may lead them to consider forming other leagues, such as ultimate frisbee or baseball.  

  1. Create Your Teams

Determine how you want to form your league teams. Do you want players to choose their own? Do you want to allow departments to compete against each other, such as HR vs. IT? Would you perhaps prefer for the league to provide the opportunity to break down some of the barriers in your office? If so, consider giving the guidance that players may pick their teams, but diversify the units to your specifications. 

Another option is to choose to play against another office or organization entirely. There are active adult sports leagues in most large cities that your workplace could easily join. 

  1. Create Your Schedule

Now that you’ve got your teams, practice fields, and sport, you’re ready to set your league schedule. Remember, it’s best to keep practice times consistent and right after the workday ends to honor your employees’ additional commitments. Some leagues offer practice times before the workday begins. You can ask your players what they prefer. 

Regarding the game schedule itself, consider arranging some of the matches for Friday afternoon, depending on how large your league is. Allow additional members of your workforce the option to cheer on their preferred team. What better way to start the weekend, and what a great way to boost morale. If Friday afternoons aren’t an option for your workplace, Thursday evenings may work well for people.   

  1. Rent Proper Equipment

Some of your employees might already have athletic equipment. However, because this is your office league, you’ll want to ensure you provide proper athletic equipment for all participants. You don’t want to risk anyone getting hurt because they weren’t correctly equipped. It’s also an excellent idea to get league T-shirts made up for your employees to boost morale and team spirit.

  1. Give a Reward

Make sure the league knows what they’re playing for. Is it lunch out at a local restaurant? A trophy and bragging rights? Maybe you’ll want to keep with the fitness theme and offer your winners a smart water bottle. Think it through and make sure you consider the implications, as the reward you give from the start will likely set a precedent for future leagues.

Start an Office Sports League Today

Now that you know how to begin an office league in your workplace, you’re just a few steps away from starting your own. Whether your workers are active participants or prefer cheering from the sidelines, it’s the ultimate win-win. Let the fun and games begin.

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