7 Ways Small Business Owners Can Demonstrate Eco-Friendly Values

7 Ways Small Business Owners Can Demonstrate Eco-Friendly Values

Your business runs on its reputation. One of the factors today’s consumers consider when deciding where to spend their money is how sustainable a company is. They recognize the importance of doing their part to preserve the planet. 

Therefore, your organization can reap real bottom-line rewards along with the warm fuzzies that come with doing the right thing by going greener. Here are seven ways small business owners can demonstrate eco-friendly values. 

1. Switch to Solar 

If you’re looking for a way to save money come tax time, consider converting your business’ office building to solar power now. You can deduct the cost of renovations and reap a valuable credit if you act fast. Small business owners can claim a 22% credit through the year 2022. After that, the percentage drops to 10% unless Congress extends the incentive. 

You can also save money on other bills by making this upgrade. For example, adding a solar roof to your building means generating independent electricity, freeing you from high monthly utility fees. 

2. Go Paperless 

Paper isn’t the most effective way to keep business records. You could lose valuable data due to theft or fire — or even someone accidentally throwing the wrong document into the shredder. It also costs the planet more than 15 billion trees per year to produce all those reams. 

Going paperless offers substantial advantages besides simply saving money and trees. Come tax time, the right software lets you seamlessly integrate your profit and loss statement into your Schedule C. You can protect vital client data using today’s toughest technology instead of a file cabinet. 

3. Recycle 

Many offices overlook the simple act of adding recycling bins. It doesn’t take an intern long to run these items to the sorting center. 

You can invest in stylish bins for customer-facing areas. When it comes to the back office, save money and the planet by reusing old containers and boxes for sorting cans and cardboard. 

4. Allow Telecommuting 

What’s the fastest way to keep your staff happy? If you started telecommuting during the pandemic, please allow your employees to continue to do so long after things return to normal. You’ll have far fewer problems with employee retention. Fully 40% of American adults who responded to a recent survey indicated that they would rather quit their jobs than return to the office full-time, anyway. 

Driving to and from the office produces considerable carbon emissions. The pandemic showed people how much the planet could benefit from telecommuting. The benefits of allowing this work style far outweigh the advantages of keeping your staff within your sight. 

5. Source Supplies With Care 

If you manufacture goods as part of your business, look into sustainable materials. For example, could you switch to hemp or bamboo instead of wood pulp for any of your processes? 

Even your choice of company car can demonstrate your organization’s commitment to eco-friendly values. Opting for one of today’s fuel-efficient electric models can cut considerable carbon emissions. 

Seek little ways to make better choices. Can you buy bamboo paper towels instead of the traditional bleached models for the breakroom? Can you offer customer loyalty gifts that reduce plastic waste and encourage sustainability, like reusable water bottles instead of the throwaway kind? 

6. Make Environmentally Conscious Upgrades 

Is it time to replace the furniture in your break room or waiting area? If so, please look for varieties that limit volatile organic compounds, affecting overall air quality. These substances emit dangerous gasses like formaldehyde. 

Are you renovating your corporate bathrooms? Look for the lowest-flow toilet models you can find. Water is also a precious resource to protect. 

7. Form Strategic Partnerships 

Many organizations partner with local charities for specific events or to promote general social welfare. You can demonstrate your businesses’ eco-friendly values by forming strategic partnerships with those dedicated to environmental causes. 

For example, you might recruit staff members to participate in a beach cleanup or tree-planting activity in your community. You could also dedicate a portion of your profits toward the environmental cause of your choice. 

Demonstrate Your Business’ Eco-Friendly Values With These Tips 

Demonstrating your business’ eco-friendly values is a wise strategic move to attract today’s conscientious consumers. Use the tips above to build your brand as a sustainability leader.

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