10 Company Outing Ideas for Summer

10 Company Outing Ideas for Summer

Summer is here — and that means it’s time to plan your annual company outing. You want something that encourages team-building and camaraderie. 

Take advantage of the stress-reducing properties of the outdoors to treat your crew to a day they’ll remember. Here are ten company outing ideas for summer. 

1. Zip Lining 

You want your team to embody courageousness. It takes quite a bit of chutzpah to strap yourself to a wire and go flying across the forest canopy. 

A zip-lining adventure gives your team the perfect opportunity to encourage each other to conquer their fears. Many parks centered around such themes have ample activities for the little ones for those staff who will have toddlers in attendance. 

2. Kayaking 

Kayaking can teach your team the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. You wouldn’t think a river-based outing would require you to bring a water filter — but would you want to drink directly from the stream if your canteen runs dry? 

You can even throw in an engineering challenge. For example, have your crew design a way to get lunch across the waterway without your sandwiches getting soggy. 

3. Laser Tag 

Laser tag is all the fun of paintball without the stinging pellets. As such, it’s a more inclusive activity for those with bleeding disorders or folks who simply prefer not to take a hard object to their body. The indoor venue won’t get you fresh air and sunshine, but it makes a convenient alternative if your corporate headquarters calls Phoenix, AZ home, and a summertime outing could result in heatstroke. 

4. Miniature Golf 

Miniature golf allows multiple possibilities for team-building and the thrill of individual competition. You can arrange your staff members in groups of four with the lowest-scoring group winning an award. 

Miniature golf outings are also family-friendly. Even the youngest members can often get in on the action as soon as they are big enough to walk. 

5. Historic Walking Tour

Is your corporate headquarters located in a metro area or near somewhere like historic Williamsburg, Virginia? If so, why not learn about the nation’s past for your company outing this summer? 

For example, if you are in New England, walk Boston’s Freedom Trail to Copley Square. Washington, DC has no shortage of sights — or go after dark with a haunted ghost tour. Go for a Constitutional “constitutional” in Philadelphia, strolling the same paths as the men and women who founded America.

6. Zombie Scavenger Hunt 

Are you seeking a way to get your team out on the town in a fun way? Why not combine the excitement of sightseeing with the competition of a scavenger hunt — and add a few zombies for fun? 

Your crew can participate in this game in several metropolitan areas by purchasing tickets and downloading an app. They’re then set free to find their survival supplies while their hosts monitor their progress remotely so that you can reward the winners. 

7. Escape Room 

Escape rooms offer the ultimate in team problem-solving fun. How will they get away from zombies or an armed madman before it’s too late? They’ll have to put their heads together to solve the puzzle. 

8. Theme Park Days 

If your corporate headquarters lies within reasonable driving distance from a theme park, why don’t you take advantage? Many such venues offer discounted group tickets and could use the revenue after last year’s slowdowns. 

This idea is glorious if you have several staff members giving up their summer holiday plans for economic reasons. You can share a tasty meal as a group, then let your employees enjoy the park with their little ones and colleagues alike. 

9. Day at the Beach

Another company outing along the same lines is a day of sand and sea. If you live near a coastal city, a flurry of beach umbrellas bearing your logo is free advertising to countless passersby. 

Please remember to require a waiver for any event where you allow employees to bring family members as guests. In today’s world, you should include language covering COVID-19 as well. 

10. The Old-Fashioned Company Barbecue 

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with the tried-and-true company barbecue. You can save significant cash by hosting this event potluck style, with each staff member contributing a favorite dish — or pre-packaged convenience snack. Contact your local parks and recreation department to find out what it takes to rent out the pavilions you’ll need and appoint a decorating committee to go to the dollar store with petty cash. 

Try These 10 Company Outing Ideas for Summer 

Summer is the traditional time for the annual company outing. Why not consider one of these ten fun ideas this year? 

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