Organizing an Office Sports Team: 6 Pointers

Organizing an Office Sports Team: 6 Pointers

Organizing an office sports team is in many ways the ultimate morale booster. It allows you to get to know your staff as human beings, not figures on a spreadsheet. It also allows you to de-stress and have some healthy fun.

That said, it does take some work to put together. Here are six pointers for organizing an office sports team that will have you chanting V-I-C-T-O-R-Y.

1. Survey the Crowd

You want your team to be successful, which requires getting most folks on board. You can go with anything from softball to indoor table tennis — as long as people have fun. Start preparing a survey to send to your staff members inquiring what activities they might enjoy.

Additional questions to ask include ideas for some sweet team-building swag. For example, if your crew eats, sleeps, and breathes basketball, why not suit up with jerseys from their favorite team? You might even choose to hijack their name and mascot!

2. Make Time and Gather Supplies

Unless you plan to do all your activities on the clock, it’s wise to ask your staff members which days of the week work best for practices and matches. You don’t want to schedule too many after-hours events, lest those employees with young children or outside obligations miss out on the fun.

According to the experts, it’s best to hold meetings in the afternoon — that way, your staff isn’t distracted by the pile of paperwork remaining on their desk. Why not have practice on Friday afternoon as a refreshing and fun way to end the workweek?

Depending on what sport you choose, you might not need much equipment. If you’re on a budget, check out sites such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, where you can sometimes find bargains.

3. Locate a Suitable Practice Location

If you have a large facility, you might have room on the premises to set up an outdoor volleyball court or an indoor darts-throwing spot. Otherwise, you need to secure a practice location.

One idea is to partner with a local gym. Such a bargain can benefit all staff members through discounted membership options if you don’t have space for an on-site fitness studio. Your employees will appreciate both the practice area and a place to work out off-the-clock.

Another is to check with your local parks and recreation department. Many will let you rent out practice fields for a reasonable fee.

4. Emphasize Fitness, Fun, and Inclusion

The name of the game in organizing an office sports team is fun! You’ll also benefit staff members by getting them up and moving. Multiple studies show the beneficial effects of exercise on overall productivity. While you may seek team-building, your bottom line may also get a boost.

Cutthroat competition can breed bad blood, so emphasize sportsmanship. Make allowances for team members with various physical ability levels. People in wheelchairs can play sports like basketball and tennis with the right accommodations.

5. Schedule a Competition

Many of your staff members want nothing more than a little healthy fun, but others thrive on competition. Decide on a date for your event and post it prominently to encourage folks to work hard at practice and independently to get ready for game day.

You could organize your teams by department and see if accounting can take down marketing. If you have more than one division, you could plan a tournament between the two. You could also put your heads together with another local business and create a friendly rivalry between the two of you.

6. Celebrate Your Achievements

You want your team to revel in the thrill of victory. Reward the achievement with a pizza party and small trophies or other prizes for the winning team.

Spread the news of your good works through the community by writing a press release and inviting the public to join as spectators. Doing so enhances your business reputation and attracts new staff members who want to work with a vibrant team — a boon in times of labor shortages.

Follow These 6 Pointers to Organize an Office Sports Team

Office sports teams help you build camaraderie among staff, improve morale, and even boost productivity. Follow these six steps to ensure yours is a success!

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