How to Show Your Workers You Appreciate Them

As an employer or boss for a major company, it’s easy to take your employees for granted when you get busy and successful. And yet, it will always be important to take a step back and realize you would not be who you are or where you are without the people who worked hard to get you there.

There is no need to wait for Employee Appreciation Day to tell your colleagues, coworkers and employees that you value their time and contributions everyday. Here are some small things you can do that make a huge difference.

Praise Your Employees


Working everyday with little thanks takes a toll on a person, so remembering to give your employees praise is an important part of a workplace environment. Praise can be given in really simple ways like a casual thank-you. Saying “thank you” to an employee who has just completed some hard work or contributed something to a project goes a long way. Saying thank you encourages a gracious, polite and civilized workplace.

Having a “Wall of Fame” is a cool way to show your appreciation to your employees who worked particularly hard that month. On the Wall of Fame, an employee should have a photo up and have what they are recognized for under their photo. That will allow the whole office to recognize them.

Another way to show your appreciation is by blasting an employee’s success to the local newspaper. You can tell the local newspaper about an employee’s big success and even write up a press release. You can make it a surprise and then frame the paper and gift it to the employee.

Another way to show appreciation for an employee is to take an office-wide trip. Organizing such a trip may be difficult, but your employees will almost certainly enjoy it. Getting your employees off-site can be easier than you think, and they’ll enjoy the break from the norm.


Show Your Appreciation

While praise is important, you can also show appreciation to your employees in other ways, such as giving them gifts. These gifts can include food, mini parties, lunch excursions and more. You can even give a more personalized gift to a single employee who has worked especially hard.

Needless to say, bonuses are also particularly appreciated among employees. If you can afford it, monetary recognition goes a long way — whether as end-of-year bonuses, attendance bonuses, quarterly bonuses or gift certificates.

Also, there is perhaps no greater gift than opportunity. Giving employees the opportunity for growth and development is a gift that will last a lifetime.


Accommodate Your Employees

One way to show appreciation is to accommodate your employees the best you can. This could mean making simple changes to the workplace to make it more fun. These changes could include Bring Your Dog to Work Day, Father-Daughter Day or something else of your own design. These events add some brightness to the workweek.

Another way to accommodate your employees is to give them the opportunity to provide you with feedback. Employees love a company that listens to them and meets their needs.

Another huge way to accommodate your employees is to offer them time off and a flexible schedule. A flexible schedule is not only important to retain and hire employees, but also to show them appreciation.

Be Thankful for Your Employees

Overall, if you live your life thinking of others, it should not be a burden to remember to appreciate those who helped you and work so hard for you. Remember that little things go a long way and that even very simple gestures can make a huge difference in an employee’s life.

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