How to Use YouTube in Your Marketing

When it comes to marketing, you must diversify your techniques to reach a variety of potential customers. Using online outlets, such as social media, blogs and videos, is one method to help you arrive at a larger audience. That’s why YouTube can be an effective way to market your business.

The beautiful thing about using online tools for marketing is that a lot of the outlets are free or low-cost. You can set up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites for free. There are even hosts that offer free blog sites. YouTube also allows you to set up a channel at no cost. However, one thing to remember when using the Internet to market your goods is that you’re competing with a lot of other people and businesses — and it isn’t called the world wide web for nothing.

The statistics on the number of individuals who use YouTube are encouraging but staggering. With 300 hours of videos being uploaded every minute and 20% of viewers potentially leaving your video within the first 10 seconds, you must create something memorable and worth watching to get your message across. Below are three tips to follow when using YouTube for marketing.

  1. Connect Your Content

Google owns YouTube, which means linking your content to your YouTube page is necessary. Google uses a sophisticated algorithm to move you up in the rankings on their results pages when someone searches for whatever it is you’re selling. To improve your chances of being seen, add videos to your website, so Google perceives your site as being high quality. You’ll also need to add keywords to your videos so Google can find them during searches.

  1. Publish Interesting Videos

With the number of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, offering potential customers something interesting that they’ll want to watch is incredibly important. Know who your target audience is and what they’re interested in watching, then tailor your message to appeal to that audience.


One way to accomplish this is to create catchy titles for your videos that are both compelling and leave the audience interested in learning more. As an example, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s YouTube, which has been all over the news lately, has great titles for their videos that describe what the video is about and entice the viewer to learn more. They focus on social justice, so their emphasis is narrow and tailored to an audience interested in that topic.

  1. Customize Your Channel

When creating your YouTube channel, it’s important to customize it so you can maintain brand recognition. Customers and potential customers will have an easier time finding you if you remain consistent and recognizable.

During channel customization, you’ll be able to give customers information about your company and products. You can choose to allow your viewers to comment on your videos or close the comments. If you want to be social and engaged in conversations with viewers, you can set the comment settings to open. If you’re more interested in just broadcasting information and not sparking conversations, you can limit the number of comments your channel gets — the choice is yours.

It’s no secret that YouTube is an incredibly popular website with a loyal community of users of all backgrounds and ages. That’s why marketing your company on the video-streaming site is entirely possible and could be profitable if you play your cards right.

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