How to Use Videos on Your Website and Blog

In the world of websites and blogs, video is one of the most popular new trends, and for good reason. Video is visually appealing and useful. It communicates a lot in a short amount of time. They’re also entertaining and can be funny, informative, emotionally compelling and more.

They’re many ways you can use video online. You could feature a simple looping video as an intro to your website, use video to communicate the main point of a webpage or post regularly through YouTube. Here are a few tips about how to best use video on your website or blog.

Update Often

If you feature a looping video on your website, you’ll want to change it up every so often so that frequent visitors to your site don’t get bored. The shorter it is, the more often you should change it. For example, you should replace a standard eight-second loop about once a month.

As for video posted as blog content, update it as you would written content. The frequency varies by blog. Just make sure you’re posting enough to keep your followers engaged and entertained.

Design for Video

If you’re going to prominently feature video on your site, ensure that you optimize your website or blog design for the content. When using video, you should reduce website text, so that it doesn’t get in the way of the video.


You can normally edit and design a website with video just as easily as you can one that mostly uses text. Just be aware that most mobile devices don’t auto-play video, so you may want to reconsider if mobile is where most of your audience comes from.

How to Get the Most out of Video

We just went over some of the more technical aspects of using video as part of your online presence. But what about making sure you get the most out of it? What is video best used for?

They’re plenty of outstanding examples of websites and blogs that effectively use video. The site for Titan Alarm, a home and business security company, is one such example. Their website features three videos that efficiently communicate important information to customers. Even better, these videos are quick, lasting about 30 seconds each.


The first video explains how a smart home works, which demonstrates knowledge and provides an example of how people can use their products. The second video is a demonstration of one of the company’s digital offerings, their mobile app. The third is about the benefits that a family could get from using Titan Alarm’s services. We’ll get more into detail about these three ways to use video in the rest of this article.

Introduce Yourself

Video can be a great way to give people an idea about who you are. Visitors to your website can easily absorb the message of an introductory video. Plus it draws them in and makes them want to stick around for a bit longer.


Your introductory video could be a short and simple loop at the top of your webpage, or it could be a more in-depth look into the origins, personality and daily life of your company.

Share Knowledge

People want content that valuable to them. If they get that from your online presence, they’ll keep coming back for more. Video is an engaging way to do just that.

Videos are an awesome way to share advice, explain concepts, tell stories or explain how to do something. How-to videos are some of the most popular, but anything that provides value will be enticing to customers.

Demonstrate Your Product

Video is often a perfect way to demonstrate a product or service. You can take advantage of both visuals and audio to clearly explain what your product does. It gives you a chance to really show it in action.

To your customers, a good product video is the next best thing to actually trying out the product, because they get to watch someone try it out for themselves.

You can say a lot with a little when using video. It’s a great way to grab people’s attention and communicate information effectively. Video lets visitors to your site get a closer look at your company and your products.

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