Pour some sugar over these hits from Def Leppard

Def Leppard rocks Wrigley tonight! Here is one from the archives. Enjoy! * * * Love is like a bomb … In this Six Pack, we we go back to the 1980s for one of Six Pack’s favorites as a snot-nosed teenager — Def Leppard. In fact, a 14-year-old Six Pack might have confessed to... Read more »

Six Pack's look at the best of the Doobie Brothers

Six Pack has never been one to choose one incarnation of a band over another. He’s officiated many verbal spats about Van Halen vs. Van Hagar and the like but never participated. Six Pack likes good music, regardless of who is putting it together and who is singing. This Six Pack looks at the top... Read more »

Billy Joel to rock Wrigley Sept. 7 but Six Pack can't wait

During Tuesday night’s Cubs’ game, broadcasters Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies teased the upcoming Billy Joel concert at Wrigley Field on Sept. 7. The two announcers then brought up the top Billy Joel songs, and Six Pack thought it was time to roll out his picks for the top Billy Joel songs. Len, showing his... Read more »

Cubs finish April with 14-9 mark, winners of 5 straight

The Cubs picked up their fifth-straight win to end April at 14-9 (16-10 overall with their 2-1 March mark) and it was a historic one. That leads in Six Pack’s six tidbits from the 3-2 win over the Rockies on Monday. 1. The history is this; it is the Cubs’ fifth-straight win while scoring 3... Read more »

Cubs leave Brewers crying in their beer

This isn’t your typical music or movie Six Pack, but it is about something Six Pack loves – the Chicago Cubs. I haven’t written much about the Cubs since my newspaper career ended in 2015. I was let go in August 2015 after 24 years as a sports writer, including several as a sports editor,... Read more »

Six Pack takes a Sweet look at top Guns N' Roses songs

“It’s better to burn out than to fade away.” — Neil Young, lyrics from “Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)” If the above lyrics are true, then Guns N’ Roses did as much as any group or person in music history to prove this statement. Guns N’ Roses was the next big thing in... Read more »

Six Pack states case for favorite albums of his lifetime

I posted this last week on my personal Facebook page. I hadn’t planned on making this an official Six Pack, but I saw I was around 100 posts and thought this would be a good one for No. 100. So here here goes, with a few minor edits: — Steve Wilken, a friend of mine... Read more »

Three is a magic number in Six Pack's look at best rock trios

Remember men’s three-piece suits. Are they still a thing? (Full disclosure – Six Pack owns one suit and it is about 30 years old. My goal is life is to never have to wear a suit, or sport coat ever again. Six Pack did get his one and only disciplinary reprimand in his former job... Read more »

Crash (or trip) into top Dave Matthews Band songs

Who is the most polarizing music performer of the last 25 years? It just might be the Dave Matthews Band, although Six Pack can’t understand why anyone would hate the Dave Matthews Band. Musicianship? Lyrics? Content? Vocals? Someone, preferably a hater, please enlighten Six Pack. Until then, love them or hate them, let’s enjoy the... Read more »

A Six Pack New Year's Eve doesn't mean the same as it once did

Ordinarily, Six Pack tries to find some music or movie for a topic, but New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day do not have an overabundance of those free floating around the galaxy. For music, U2 has “New Year’s Day” and the Eagles have “Funky New Year.” Then there is the traditional “Auld Lang Syne”... Read more »