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Valentine's Day: Best Advice for Bad Situations

Valentine's Day: Best Advice for Bad Situations
Valentine’s Day is this/close, and sometimes Cupid just can’t save the day. Love quarrels happen; mistakes are made; and unfortunately, break-ups occur as well. We’ve asked the cast of 72 Hours movie to give their best advice for those sticky situations. #72HoursMovie opens today and plays all week at these locations: Marcus Chicago Heights Cinema... Read more »

Film Review: Christopher Nolen's 72 Hours

Me and my girls! It was Ladies Night!
By Nakita Whittaker, Guest Contributor In Christopher Nolen’s 72 Hours, a reformed womanizer, Von (Timon Kyle Durrett) becomes a family man with a baby on the way. Life is good for Von until he collapses from a heart attack and comes face-to-face with God (Harry J. Lennix). God gives Von 72 hours to atone to... Read more »

6 Things Male Celebrities Told Me About Sex, Love and Money

1. On the GRIND:  "My work, my goal, my life, it's like a treadmill.  And there's no `stop' button on my treadmill.”  --Dwayne Johnson, highest grossing actor in Hollywood and philanthropist
By Zondra Hughes I’m grateful for my career choice as an editor/journalist because over the years, I’ve interviewed some dynamic people who have dropped nuggets of wisdom about love, sex and money that continue to shape my world today. Here are six of my favorite quotes culled from my interviews and conversations about life. Feel... Read more »

Now Filming: Christopher Nolen's "72 Hours"

Now Filming: Christopher Nolen's "72 Hours"
By Zondra Hughes Christopher Nolen’s star studded romantic comedy 72 Hours will start filming locally in June. In 72 Hours, a reformed womanizer, Cleavon “Von” Burkett (Timon Kyle Durrett) was living the good life with a beautiful wife and dream job- until one day he wasn’t. With his health taking the back burner in his... Read more »