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The 6 Sneaky Things a Woman Does When She’s in Love

1.	She cleans the ENTIRE house for your visit. You may think that your woman just loves the smell of Pine Sol, but she also wants to put her best foot forward. More than that, your woman wants you to feel comfortable in her space. Shown: the lovely Diane Amos, aka, the Pine Sol lady.
(Model: DunsinsFaces). There are far too many relationship games going on, and thus it’s hard to know if the woman you’re with has fallen in love with you. Granted, some grown women will tell you straight up, ‘Hey, I’m feeling you, don’t waste my time,’ but other women are a little coy. Without further ado,... Read more »

He's Got You: 10 Signs You're Addicted to Eggplant

1. Are you the workhorse of the household? That is, do you routinely pick up extra duties around the house, i.e., shoveling the snow, etc., while your mate doesn't lift a finger? If so, you've been dickmatized..
By Dr . Pat Rizzo Good sex is a good thing. But if the sex is too good, you may find yourself behaving unlike you normally would: Buying dinners; offering a free place to stay; or even changing your religion! Here are 10 signs that you’ve been dickmatized. As they say, the first step to... Read more »