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The 4 Phases of Addiction--and Recovery

The 4 Phases of Addiction--and Recovery
By Rachel Trimble Time keeps on ticking…. On the 29th of October, I celebrated three years clean from drugs and alcohol. In the grand scheme of my using career, that’s about one quarter of the time I spent using, but still quite a feat for this recovering addict. That date  is dearer to me than... Read more »

Sisterhood: Support vs. Begging There's A Difference

My Sister’s Keeper? By Dawniel Winningham Every day I get LOTS and I do mean LOTS of calls and text and messages asking for help. I am a life and business coach and so to a certain extent it goes with the territory. Some don’t mind paying me for the knowledge that has taken me... Read more »

Don't Play the Shame Game

By Kym B. I need help. Do you? Sometimes we need a team of people to help attack challenges in our lives; yet few of us take advantage of our support network. We would rather suffer in silence than reach out for help.  Why is it okay to accept help when children are involved, as... Read more »